Photo: Richard the First is back on the scene! Welcome back, Richard!


Richard the First showed up yesterday morning and got himself caught in the christmas cactus. He was supposed to arrive Friday… but his “magical flight” got delayed. Then he was supposed to show up on Saturday, but “there was a snow storm in Canada.” The boys were very sympathetic, hoping that the poor little guy would be ok. Sweet children, really. Truth be told, Richie was in the wrong box. He’s never where he’s supposed to be. Anyway, we found him, so… let the annoying moving of the doll season begin!

It’s a good thing Richie has shown up because, first, my boys be actin’ a fool. This morning, they got it into their heads that the Blackmobile was a jungle gym and they could climb all over it like crazy people. Minor even showed off some of his double-bar moves between the middle seats.  Lord, I thought I was going to lose it! Second, my boys created the most ridiculous Christmas lists in the entire universe.

Really, I take that back. Major made a fairly reasonable Christmas list. He wants a blue electric guitar. That’s all he really wants. He put some other stuff on the list like legos and some matchbox cars and maybe a jet plane or something… but it was all dispassionate. He wants an electric guitar. He wants it to be blue. That’s what he wants.

Now… how we get that stuff to Maryland so that it’s under a tree will be… interesting…

So there is Major. Fine.

Minor is the ridiculous one. Minor has asked for a drone for Christmas. A DRONE!! This child can’t even SPELL drone! What in the what, Minor!?

The Husband’s jaw dropped. “Really? You’re asking Santa for a drone?”

Minor nodded his head enthusiastically.

“But what are you going to do with it?”

That child made this face that made my husband laugh. I didn’t see it, but my husband started laughing.

“What?” Minor and I both ask simultaneously.

The Husband just howled. “He just made your face! He gave me that look!”

“What look, honey?”

“That ‘that’s a damn stupid question’ look!”

Lordy. I don’t know what he’s talking about. Surely I have no such look.

Anyway, Minor is convinced that he can fly a drone if only someone were to give him the remote to one. I don’t even know where to begin. I started with the whole, “remember, this is just a list… Santa probably can’t bring you everything you ask for…”

But my Husband was giving me a look of his own. I could see his lips curl while thinking about flying a damn drone in the front yard. The hunt is on.

Now, Wife Question for The Husband and, really, all husbands who think they are getting a drone for Christmas: How you gonna fly that thing in January, February and March? Did you forget that the world is gonna be covered in snow immediately after Christmas? You think you gonna buy that baby a drone, play with it for the day or two left when the world isn’t covered in snow and then put it away? How is that going to go down? That child is going to howl to play with that thing every single day!

“We’ll fly it in the playroom…” my husband mumbled.

He gonna fly the drone in the freezing cold 3-season porch that we abandon because it’s too cold?

Stay tuned on this saga. It ain’t over.

Just in case you’re worried that Minor isn’t going to get his heart’s desire for Christmas, try not to feel too badly for him. Item number 2 on his Christmas list?  A $140 motorized Lego train. Those are just two items on the list! I’m not even mentioning the Star Wars legos, the Batman legos, the matchbox cars… Major said something about the Matchbox Garage (why is this $100???)…?

Uh huh. My children. Four and Five. Spoiled. Spoiled beyond comprehension. Might as well ask me for a Tesla Model X while we’re at it. Ridiculous!

I’m about to make that child a bunch of sock dolls for Christmas and call it a day!

Recruitment of the grandmothers is in order, then the hunt will be on. If any of you lovely readers has seen a “kid friendly” drone that you can point me to, I’d be grateful. Or, if you happen to know somebody who has a motorized Lego set that they don’t want/need and are willing to sell, maybe point them my way, too?

You’d think with such  ridiculous lists would elicit perfect behavior for the entire month, yeah? Wishful thinking? *sigh*

I think my Christmas list is going to be lottery tickets and booze. 🙂 Or maybe just a girl child. A girl child would ask for reasonable things for Christmas. Obviously.


Got a quick chance to take my camera to the Old North Bridge today. We haven’t had our first good snow yet, but the stage is certainly set. The leaves are gone and the trees are ready. It’s cold enough for stuff to happen. I’m certainly not wishing for it, but my mind has turned over to it. It was nice to get over to the bridge before it’s too slippery to go over.


It was also a fantastic opportunity to experiment with the telephoto lens that came with the camera. I also have a wide angle but didn’t have time to break it out. Still, wow, right? So much better than what the cell phone was taking!


I have a lot to learn! Good thing I’m surrounded by such a naturally beautiful place. I have to get as much in as possible before the damn snow. Stay away, snow! Stay away!

Hope you are having a good Monday, Dear Reader. It’s hard to get back into things after such a long break. There is a lot to do, Dear Reader. Let’s get it done!

Until Wednesday, take care.


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