Photo: The pillow is slowly coming along. Did I tell you that the graphite seems to fade over time? Well, I have decided to go through and outline each element of the pillow so that way nothing fades away before I can get to it. It’s been nice watching things come to life. I think I have enough time to do this. I think.


Two little boys are home sick today. Minor, as usual, brought the pestilence first and Major caught it quickly after. We got an email from both schools last week about different serious illnesses: Hand Foot and Mouth disease in Minor’s school, Strep Throat in Major’s school. Lordy, Lordy, how we’re trying to avoid both! (HFM is much worst than Strep, though!) I got on my knees and prayed they’d both pass over this house. We don’t need any more major setbacks right now! So far, so good.

Sick days when I was a little girl were fun, but weird. Father’s theory was that you needed to “sweat out” a cold, so I always had to put on my warmest pajamas and be under ten blankets. Yes, there was unlimited Nickelodeon and usually fried chicken from my favorite bodega (if Father was staying home) or freshly made chicken soup (if Mom was staying home), but it came with the sweats. It also came with no movement–no getting up from the couch for anything other than a potty break.

My two boys? Well… let’s just say there has been a lot of movement. Major, especially, cannot accept that he must be on the couch and can’t go anywhere. Minor was perfectly fine with it yesterday! He relished being able to sit and watch movies all day (and yeah, he took a nap!). But with his brother around, there is this need to be moving, jumping, wrestling. No rest at all! So there has been movement in and out of the playroom, a yoga break, and some jumping on the living room ottoman. The good news? They seem to be on the mend. I think both of them are going to get out the door tomorrow. I might get my first morning to myself this week!

I will say that I’m not too anguished about being home. My in-laws (all of them) are coming up to visit next weekend and this house is not ready for it. Babies being home means I haven’t been in my car all day, which means I’ve been able to start the deep clean that this house really needs. It’s a two-week process: organizing and purging this week, spraying and scrubbing next week. I grind my teeth knowing that my mother-in-law is still going to have something nasty to say about me and my house, but I’m trying to put it out of my mind.

Honestly, I’m feeling anxious today. I know that a lot of that has to do with next Tuesday (Lord, save us all!), but it also has to do with next week. I’m feeling sensitive, still raw and even a little weepy. I know a lot of it comes from fatigue, too. I’m still not sleeping well, haven’t had a moment to stop and sleep in. I asked my husband to move this entire thing to my brother-in-law’s house because I just don’t feel like dealing with it, but it was a no-go. A non-starter, even. I just don’t know how I’m going to feel when my mother-in-law comes up in here talking whatever shit she’s going to talk next week. I’m not in the space to be patient or graceful. So the question is, will I fall to pieces or engulf in rage when she starts up? It is taking every ounce of me to hold myself and the function of things together. I don’t know if I’ll have enough strength to hold on and ignore her. I wish my husband would understand that. Emotional intelligence isn’t is strong-suit.

Can I speak more playfully about my husband for a moment? Can we talk about how spoiled he is? I was at Wegmans on Monday and they had gorgeous wild catfish in the case. I had to have it, amending my whole week’s menu to make room for po’boys tomorrow, one of The Husband’s favorites. I told him about it when he got home. He smiled the way men smile when they get such news, but then he got a mischievous look on this face: “but can I get a remoulade on it, you think?”

“A remoulade!? Boy, you been watchin’ too much Chopped!”

“I’m just kidding!”

He wasn’t kidding. He knew exactly what he was doing.

So, of course I looked up how to make a remoulade! I went looking for one in my New Orleans cookbook, but there wasn’t one in there. Emeril has one, and so does Serious Eats. I’ll probably go with Serious Eats, but we’ll see. If any of ya’ll have a great recipe, please send it my way before I hit the grocery store tomorrow!  I’ve gotta go out and get some coleslaw and stuff!

Spoiled, spoiled! He’s lucky it looks pretty simple!

Happy Wednesday, Dear Reader. I hope you are healthy and warm. I can’t believe it is mid-week already. Make sure you finish out the week strong, yeah?

See you Friday for Quiet Thoughts.


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