“One Bad Dude”

I’m so glad that people are taking a look at this beautifully written post. I want to emphasize that this is a re-blog. I didn’t write it.

Afroculinaria is a blog I’ve followed for a long time. Michael is phenomenal, a special sort of person in the world. I hope you will read about his work and follow his blog.

Furthermore, I think these are the perfect words to live here this Wednesday. It’s another week in America, another week of Black death and Black outrage and little change. There won’t be change. Two officers get to go on “murdercation” (I didn’t come up with that, someone on twitter did), two families grieve, two communities go into tense upheaval… and the rest of us simply have pain.

PBS posted an article about how scenarios like this may cause PTSD-like reactions among people of color who continually watch it over and over again. If we don’t watch our mental health, we’ll just flame out. The exhaustion of this, the oppression of seeing Black death on continuous loop, dulls all of the senses, disables all energy for continuing to fight, continuing to speak truth, continuing to teach, continuing to be in a peaceful and thoughtful way. Each death, each injustice, each outrage… it kills is slowly. Ever so slowly.

So yes, please read this post, please follow Michael’s blog, please read his articles. He’s an awesome thinker, a beautiful member of our larger body.

And please be quick to love, make haste to be kind. Choose your better angels. Choose life.

See you Friday for Quiet Thoughts.



This is the piece I wrote for the Guardian on Terence Crutcher.

I have not been able to sleep since I learned about his shooting/murder. Sometimes I’ve just burst into tears, and I never met the man.

I’m just almost 40, a big guy, and Black. So maybe I have met him.

It was edited for length and content but I also wanted to share with you the original “Last Testament.” I want to assure you I don’t ascribe to respectability politics, however knowing the triggers the mainstream media uses to snare Black victims of police overreach often face, I included everything I knew that would go against the stereotypes that are often used to condemn Black men and women to death, to claim that our lives weren’t as worthy of saving…expressed clearly or covertly. Know that I love you sisters and brothers, and we must work together to…

View original post 301 more words


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