Photo: Oh yes, there was work done this weekend. As you can see, the heavy duty equipment was brought out. Two little boys were a big help with their little red wagons! Of course, we finally build our fire pit and it’s freaking hot and freaking humid. So, no fire… probably not until next weekend. Honestly, it’s so parched around here, I’m a little worried about it anyway.


I woke up on Saturday, had a pancake breakfast, got dressed in fancy clothes, went to Starbucks and conducted a meeting. Like an adult. A grown-ass adult who has her shit together.

It made me feel better.

I’m still treading water, but it was nice a reminder that, yes, I’m a person who can still conduct business and, yes, I’m organized and professional, not a mangled mess of mother-emotion and pent-up frustrations. Of course, I walked away with lots of work to do, but that’s not such a bad thing. The result will be money, and money is good to earn.

I came home and cut fabric for holiday crafting. Pictures of the various designs will come as we go through the coming weeks. I was able to do some lingering freelancing work that I had not been able to get to during the week. I went to bed on Saturday night feeling satisfied in a way that I had not felt since school started. Stuff is slowly coming back, a rhythm is starting to be felt.

Of course, it’s 10:30 at night and I’m sitting here writing my blog post… so maybe I just spent two paragraphs writing beautiful, beautiful lies.

Either way, it’s Monday night and I’m not panicked. Not like I was before.

Wisdom came from my mother and grandmother yesterday. They both said the same thing: “These are the busy years. You are going to have to change your expectations and go with what comes. It doesn’t have to be perfect.”

So easily said. Easier to dismiss. We’re going to have to meet somewhere in the middle. If only I had a roadmap for such a place. They both to seem of the mind that I need to give into my exhaustion, let go of stuff in favor of giving more to the boys. This is not the advice that I’m looking for. I thought that this was going to be a break-out year for me! Instead, I feel more tied down than ever!

The boys started Sunday School and were thrilled to be there. Minor is already asking me if Jesus is magic and I’m like like, “uhhhhhhhh…. welll…..not…. technically….?” So, you know, I have to fail at no less than 3 things at a time. The first PTSA meeting of the year is tomorrow night and I’ve decided to go just to know what it’s like. Are you shaking your head at your screen, Dear Reader? Don’t do it! I’m just going to one! Just to see! And you know the resulting post will be interesting!

I know, I’m overbooked. It really doesn’t feel like there is enough time in the day.

So, I broke out my crockpot to give it a good cleaning. On Wednesday, I think I’m going to make my first crockpot meal in years. If I can add a slow cooker meal to the menu once, maybe even twice a week, I’ll get a little time back. I hope.  I confess: I hate the taste of stuff that comes out of the crockpot. I would describe the flavor as tasting the color gray. If gray could have a taste, if would be a crockpot meal. That’s usually the color that comes out of the crockpot, too. I hope I can change my perception of it, because, well… I need it. I need it badly. So if you have a favorite go-to crockpot meal that you would suggest, please link it! I’d be so grateful! I’m sure some hilarious blog posts will come out of it, at least!

It’s last September. I can’t tell if I want to laugh or cry about it. Somehow the school year feels long already. Life we’ve been at this forever and I need a break. I know! It doesn’t make a lick of sense! Does anyone else feel this way? Moms of older kids, does this get any better? Were you snickering at me the whole time I blogged during the summer actively praying for the start of school? Welp, the fool is finally in on the joke. I most certainly didn’t know what I was asking for.

The time is 10:50 and this mother is ready for bed. Off the top of my head, there are no less than four things to do before I can get there. So, I’m getting up off this couch to start the journey. Happy Monday to you, Dear Reader. It’s the start of another week. I hope that you are challenged, but not overwhelmed. Let’s march toward Friday together, yes?

Until Wednesday, take care.




5 thoughts on “Seeking New Tactics

  1. LOL, nope it doesn’t get any easier. It just means more involvement with homework, tantrums, activities during the week with trying to get dinner on the table and all the school meetings in between.

  2. That quote from your mother & grandmother…? Sounds like a Gooder to post on the bathroom mirror. (And maybe another near the kitchen sink!)

    I agree about the crock pot food.
    But I do like this:

    Pork butt + bottle of beer + bottle of favorite barbecue sauce = not too bad/kinda tasty.

    • I see an etsy shop full of embroidered samplers of this. “Who said it had to be perfect?”

      Which bottle of beer do you use for this? And when you say, “pork butt,” it’s really a pork shoulder, right? That cut goes by different names, but I want to confirm.

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