There is a hurricane sitting and spinning somewhere off the coast, but all she is sending my way is a bit of air and pretty clouds. The boys are out in sweatshirts, I’m wearing long sleeves, the house in 68 degrees and all the windows are open.

In other words: Thanks, Hermine, for the beautiful day!

I sincerely wish that we were getting the rain that we were all hoping for. The drought is terrible and means the fall foliage will be poor this year. I am a bit concerned about the trees and these wind gusts: after last month’s incident with the fallen trees, I’m worried about falling branches and such. We took the dead flowers out fo the window boxes, we’re wringing our hands over the last of the ripening tomatoes (there are so many that are green and will probably remain green. Super disappointing). The boys have once again found the patches of dustiest dirt to wrestle in and throw about–meaning there will probably be showers before dinner time tonight.

Just as well. There is school in the morning.

I’m happy to say that we’re pretty recovered today. Where the entire family was dragging through Friday, we all woke up this morning back to some sort of normal. There are still jitters and lingering questions. Minor has orientation on Wednesday and his first day on Thursday. We’ll have another week of 2 days of some sort for routine, and then a weekend to stew on it. *sigh* I hate the false starts.

But it’s something. I’ll have my first childless morning of the school year on Thursday! Yay!

As it is a holiday, I’m making this a half post. You should be enjoying these last few sun-drenched hours of unofficial summer, Dear Reader! Go!

I’ll see you Wednesday, hopefully with good notes about Minor’s orientation!


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