Photo: There he is! Kindergartener! First day of a long, long journey to reach his full potential!


I was informed by my kindergartener over dinner today that a Principal is not actually a prince. He’s just a guy who is in charge of a school.

So glad to have that cleared up.

“I got to meet him and everything. It was really special. He came to my classroom,” Major bragged at dinner.

That boy got on the school bus like it wasn’t even a thang. Like he’d been doing it forever. Like he was born to walk up those steps. He said good morning to the man doing the driving, took a seat… didn’t even wave from the window. We two parents and little brother waved and watched the bus drive away, longingly staring at it like heartsick buffoons for a few minutes too long before Minor finally tugged at us and told us it was time to go back to the house.

No tears. There were almost tears, but no actual tears. Just all the jitters, all the questions. Did I pack enough for lunch? (yes. more than enough.) Will he remember to use the potty? (yes.) Will his teacher get all the stuff in the very neatly put together folder I put in his backpack? (No.) Will he make a friend? (“Oh, I didn’t have time to do that. I’ll do it tomorrow.”)

The thoughts and questions rolled through my mind during the few moments when there was quiet and stillness. I made sure my phone was charged all day. Made sure to check my email and texts, just to be sure the school wasn’t trying to get in touch with me.

They weren’t, of course. Ursa Major was just fine. Though his bus to school was 15 minutes late, and his bus home was an hour late, he returned to me with the same happy smile that he left with. I asked him if he wanted to do it again tomorrow and he brightened up. “I get to do it again tomorrow? That’s great!”

That’s great.

Of course, I have to figure out what in the world I’m going to do with Ursa Minor.

He’s a bit lost without his brother.

And by “lost,” I mean “clingy.” Damn, bro… can Mommy get 2 minutes?

When Major got on the bus and Daddy went off to work, I came back into this house and told myself I would write two emails and do a little tidying up.

Minor came in around minute 10. “Can I go on an adventure today?”

Noooo…. “Yes! Of course, baby! What kind of adventure were you thinking of?”

“I want to go to Disney World.”

Boy…really? His grandmother (my damn mother-in-law) put that seed into his head. I might have cursed her in my head. “Welp, sorry sweetie. To go to Disney World, you have to get on a plane and get down to Florida. We can’t get on a plane twice in a week, that would just be silly.”

The boy nodded. Mommy logic is the best logic. “Well, can we go on an adventure in the woods?”

I’m always down for an adventure in the woods. I decided to switch up things and visit a local spot called The Garden in the Woods. Totally worth the money,  absolutely lovely.


The women who work there are incredibly nice, and they gave Minor a little scavenger hunt for him to keep a look out for different natural elements while we were exploring. We saw a lily pond and some cacti, pretty flowers taller than I am, steep hills and snaking paths. There was even a play area, but…


I dunno. It creeped me out a little bit. Something screamed scary movie in the woods to me. Minor felt the vibe, too, and asked to get back on the path just as soon as he could.

We had a special pizza lunch, we went to the farm to get our veggies… it was nice to have my roll buddy again. But it isn’t the same as it was when he was smaller. The contented silences are now filled with questions,  often about things I don’t know about, don’t care about, or have already answered in as many ways as I patiently can. I realize that I ask a lot of Major by expecting him to constantly play with his brother and keep him entertained. It’s not an easy task. No wonder he’s so delighted to go to school!

Tomorrow is day 2. Just day 2. Likely won’t be any easier than today… it might be more challenging, actually. The jitters and excitement will be over. The bones of routine will begin to set. I’m sore and tired, and I suspect all of us will be tomorrow. I will pack my patience. It’s only day 2.

And when I hit “publish” on this post, I will close out my many, many tasks for this amazing Day 1. I can’t believe it. We did it. What a huge milestone, yet so…unceremonious, you know? The day has come and gone. Tomorrow is a new one. He keeps growing, I keep doing my best to facilitate it all. Blessings abound, big and small.

I wish you good night, Dear Reader. See you Friday for Quiet Thoughts.


Bonus picture from the Missouri trip.



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