Photo: Isn’t this such an intense fortune? That’s what Major got on Saturday. I’ll talk more about Kowloon’s in a second.


Something ate the dang watermelon.

My precious little baby watermelon in our little garden was eaten by some sort of… worm, we think! So freaking frustrating. I can’t even describe my husband’s face when he told me. But that was after two little boys came into the house with tears in their eyes.

“Mommy! We have terrible news!”

I was in the middle of finishing up the second draft of the short story I’ve been working on. I looked up with a raised eyebrow. What could it possibly be?

“We can’t eat the watermelon! Something else did!” 

Welp… that’s news.

“Yeah, something got to it. Some worm… should have harvested it earlier,” my husband groaned.

I’m not saying that the garden is a complete failure this summer, as we have been able to harvest a lot of basil and we harvested our first three tomatoes over the weekend, not to mention the ridiculous amounts of sugar snap peas we had earlier in the season… but there is certainly disappointment. The lavender didn’t do well, the pumpkins only put out male flowers instead of female flowers (thus, no fruit), the marigolds bloomed for a total of 15 minutes, the strawberries were eaten by the damned groundhog and now my little watermelon has gone to the worms!

Where my investment in this whole affair has been more emotional than anything else, my husband is taking it hard. He was the one who got the seeds. He was the one who meticulously cared for the little sprouts over the winter in the basement. He was the one who put those seedlings in the beds. He had been their towering guardian.

“I’m learning a lot, though,” he told me. “Got bigger plans for next year.”

I love that man so much.

We were able to distract the boys from their disappointment by taking them back-to-school shoe shopping. We piled into the car and went to the other side of the universe to get to the Stride Rite outlet at the Assembly Row outlet complex. While it was nifty to be back in the old neighborhood (we lived 15 minutes north of there before we moved to MetroWest), we were really taken aback by the changes and, mostly, horrified about how obnoxious that place is. That’s the only way to describe it: obnoxious. Too many people, not enough parking, all the over-priced brands that make you scowl just a little bit as you walk by. Obnoxious.

Minor found light-up Batman shoes that were more yellow than black, so he’s pretty pumped. Size 11 wide. Are you kidding me, kid? Major found Star Wars shoes in blue with lightsabers that, yes, light up. Size 13 1/2 wide!!!!!! Who has feet like this? Do you know what that means!? That means that the next time I take that little boy shoe shopping, we gotta go to the big boy store. He’s grown out of Stride Rites! What am I a’gonna do? Somebody stop them from growing this way! Save the children!

Since we were on that side of the universe, The Husband and I decided that we had to go to Route One and visit the best restaurant on earth, Kowloon! I can’t recall our first visit to this magical place. I think we were driving on Route One to get something else and saw this place and simultaneously decided we just gotta know. It’s this big huge building with a Tiki figure on the front and that’s just the start: there are huge rooms on the inside, all themed and amazing, and the food is just good enough that you want to go back and visit all of them. Major was an infant last time we visited, so we were actually more excited about the boys experiencing it than we were anything else.

It didn’t disappoint.

“What’s with the big scary man on the front of the building!? What’s with the big scary man?” That was Minor. We hadn’t even found a parking spot yet.

“He looks like a giant! Is he going to step on our van?” That was Major. He didn’t seem too concerned.

The Husband and I just laughed. “He’s just a decoration. Isn’t he awesome? It gets even better!”

And it did, because we got to eat dinner in the big room in the back that features a bubbling fountain, a pirate ship, and a volcano. Did I mention the lights in the darkened ceiling making you feel like you’re under a starry night sky? Oh my God yes. Two little boys got to sit right next to the fountain and it was just… everything. Everything! They were so excited!

And then we ordered all of our favorite things and Ursa Major ate everything. Minor… ate half a dumpling and a few bits of rice. He might have eaten some beef…. anyway, he ain’t eat much.

Quote of the day, from Ursa Major: “Mama! This place is the best! This is my favorite place! You are the best for bringing me here! Thank you for bringing me here, Mama!”  Mommy win. Mommy win to last a while!

Mommy win. Mommy win to last a while! It’s the little things, Dear Reader. Sometimes, the words are enough.

I finished a short story (44 hand-written pages. lol. “short” indeed!) and now I’ve gotta get it into this computer, edit the hell out of it, and then workshop it with my writing group. What a process! But the composition portion is over. My mind is liberated to wrap itself around another concept while I get to polish this thing up. A good thing, because this short story did all sorts of horrible things to the novel I thought I was writing. I have to completely go back, replot, re-outline and, essentially, start all over again. This writing thing is gloriously no fun at all.

But I am writing. I can at least say that.

Dear Reader, it’s Monday. How are you feeling about the week? Smile. We’re gonna make it together!

Until Wednesday, take care!


2 thoughts on “Local Excursions

    • Happy Monday to you, dearie! The Husband can be really awesome sometimes. Sometimes, not so much… but this instance was helpful. 🙂 Hope you are up for having a fantastic week!

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