Photo: I officially signed my first long-term freelance client today. 12 months-worth of work ahead of me! I got paid for some of that work too, which sounds great until I figured out that my new business bank account doesn’t like cash, so I have to do financial kung fu to get it where it needs to be. How’d I host a client meeting and keep little boys from destroying everything? Tablets for the win! Seriously though, this business thing might be the worst idea that I’ve ever had…


Apologies for the late post, Dear Reader. I have just returned from mom drinks with some mothers who are part of our new elementary school community.  Heading out to one of the town’s new breweries (this is the new sexy thing in MetroWest. Everyone needs to have their own brew pub now), I sat with three other women to get the skinny on this new school I’m going to send my son to at the end of the month. I’ve picked the school, so now I want to know what really goes down.

It… didn’t glean much more information than I already had. I will say, though… I was sitting at a table with women over ten years older than I am, one of whom will be sending a kindergartener to school and may well share a class with Major. I don’t know why I keep feeling surprised when I run up on these situations, but I do. No, I don’t have anything against women in their 40s with young kids! (So don’t send me any angry emails!)  It’s more about me: I’m intimidated by the age and establishment of many of the women I’m spending my time with. I keep waiting to spend time with women even a little bit closer to my age but, again and again, I’m walking into situations where I’m the youngest woman by significant margin. Sometimes I feel like this suburban motherhood thing is just beyond my ken. Then again, sometimes I tell myself I’m not walking into big enough rooms.  Either way, I’ve decided that it’s good to have this feeling now, understanding that there will be blessings and curses to stepping into two new communities in a matter of weeks.

We’ve been doing a lot of that lately. Is that what life is with young children? I feel like we hop out of one community and into another, blending some, completely severing ourselves from others. For two introverted adults, The Husband and I have become very popular, and that’s only going to get worse. I suppose the boys are mostly to blame for this. After all, we can’t keep them at home all day, never to meet anyone else! But Lordy, between the two new schools, the new music school, the Boy Scouts, church, and whatever else we’re going to find ourselves in (not to mention Freelancing! A whole separate adventure!), we seem to be shaking a lot of hands and making a lot of dates.  I hope these two spoiled children come to understand it all one day. They are certainly seizing as much of the opportunities as they possibly can; always asking for more and more, never taking no for an answer.

Since I mentioned it, Major had his second guitar lesson today. While he wasn’t as laser focused as he was last week, he did get through the lesson’s goal: to play a G chord. The teacher was very impressed that Major was able to place his finger in the right position and strum out the note (some kids this age, he told me, aren’t able to do that for a while). The teacher also congratuated me on how well practiced Major was. I really like this guy. He clearly sees me, and he sees my son, too. He’s expensive, but he’s worth it. And I’ve never seen Major so happy as when he’s got that instrument in his hands. I swear, my boys are the most spoiled children in the whole entire world.


But they are happy. And they are having a great summer. What can I do but keep going?

I’d write more, but ya’ll know it’s way past my bed time. So I’m off to sleep, to dream a little dream. I will be here on Friday for Quiet Thoughts (before the Olympic Opening Ceremonies!). I hope you’ll be here, too.

See you then, Dear Reader.


3 thoughts on “Prelude to New Adventures

    • School starts at the end of the month, but with fits and starts–go to school two days, get a 4 day weekend, get going again, have a half day on Thursday… I can’t even!

      Major takes lessons once a week for a half-hour a lesson. $42 a pop! But he loves it. We practice every day for about 20 minutes.

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