I don’t know where to even begin… there was the unexpected houseguest, the brunch, the new car, the tempest, the pumpkin flower, the guitar lesson…

I guess we’ll start with the storm, because that is what I chose for the featured image.

You see, there was this storm on Saturday. The weathermen have been teasing us for weeks with this “Isolated Severe Thunderstorm” nonsense. They tell us that thunderstorms will come in the afternoon. They tell us that much-needed will come from the sky. Well, we’ve seen none of it. Storms seem to just pass us by.

Saturday came with a twist. Pregnant, dark clouds came upon us in the afternoon. We were delighted to shoo the boys inside in anticipation of thunder and lightning (I was exhausted anyway, so we ordered a pizza instead of grilling dinner). Next thing I know, there came this wind.

Wind. Not thunder. Not lightning. Not a single drop of rain. But wind. Strong, sustained, hard rolling wind. Wind strong enough to knock the power out for two hours. Wind strong enough to split a tree in half:


The good news is, first, it was my neighbor’s tree. Second, it was threatening my neighbor’s stuff, not mine. But it was still precarious and scary. Matter of fact, five trees were knocked down around the farmhouse on Saturday. All of said trees belonged to somebody else and none of those trees did any damage to the house or the yard. God put a bubble over us and our stuff. I stood in my front yard gave a prayer of thanks. My neighbor called some tree guys who came to take care of the tree threatening his yard and a tree that is technically owned by the town that was threatening my yard. The result is now a yard full of debris.


We didn’t get away completely unscathed. Our towering tomato plants were both snapped in half. There will still be plenty, but that was sad. The pumpkin plant, with its elephant-ear sized leaves and protruding vine, didn’t seem to be phased. Matter of fact, its flowers opened this weekend.


Really though, the lesson that The Husband and I have come away with is that these trees that we love so much present an expensive hazard to us and the house. We’ve got to be better about managing them, looking after branches and limbs that are dead and such… because when they become an emergency, they are very expensive to deal with. We got away with something this weekend. I hope we can remain so lucky.

What else is on the list? Hmm… oh yes, the guitar lesson. Also known as The Redo.

I’ll let the photo do the talking:


That’s Ursa Major at the end of a very successful first electric guitar lesson!

The child learned how to strum today, and he learned what a beat is and what a rest is, and he knows the numbers of the strings! Yay!

The new music school is beautiful and bright, with multiple rooms able to accommodate many different disciplines. The guitar teacher is patient and kind, very warm and friendly. He allowed Major to ask all the questions he wanted to (and he did have so many!) and then he gave easy, helpful instructions. He is awesome! I shook that man’s hand twice and told him he single-handedly saved Major’s music career!

Me after the lesson: “I’m so proud of you! You did such a great job!”

Him: “Well, I’m proud of you for finding me that teacher!”

It’s a funny relationship we’ve got going here…

Anyway, we rented the guitar from a local music store and an amp, too. Lordy. And just to be clear, Major’s road to musical self-actualization comes at a steep cost: $42 per half-hour lesson!! Incredible!

I guess I’d better pick up more clients…

Oh, I guess that’s it… see you Wed–


Car? I said something about a car?

Oh, uh… so I did…



A totally awesome brand new 2001 Toyota Camry with 142,000 miles on it!! YEAH!!!

Huh? That’s not brand new?

Whatever! It’s new to us! And it’s a big freaking deal because finally, finally we are a family with the flexibility of two cars! The Husband doesn’t have to do this insane 90 minutes each-way commute to the city anymore! It’s a godsend!

Thus, the house guest. Because, though the car did not cost us any money, there is no such thing as a free car.

You see, my uncle and his husband were able to give us their old Camry because of events in their neighborhood (which I have dubbed The Great Baltimore Shuffle) brought into their lives a new (used) prius. Not needing three cars, they decided to gift the Camry to us. My uncle was too busy doing stuff for Pride Baltimore over the weekend to bring the car up here, so he sent his husband to do the task. And, while he told me he was going to do a quick turnaround and we were only going to see him for a short period of time on Friday… he decided at the last minute to stay. Until Sunday. Blowin’ up my weekend like whoa (crashing my brunch with friends!).

It’s a small price to pay, exhausting as it was. Still, though, I want to emphasize, that car wasn’t totally free. 🙂

We can’t drive it yet. Gotta deal with government to get the plates and everything. So we won’t be an official 2-car family until this weekend, most likely. But still, what a wonderful and crazy addition!

Wow, is that all? Yup, that’s all. A lot of weekend, ya’ll! Had to wake up this morning and start the week anew. The Husband and I had to drag ourselves out of bed! Rest will come, eventually. In the meantime, the new week presents so many opportunities to do great things. What do you have planned? Let’s get something done, Dear Reader!

See you Wednesday.


One thought on “Expect the Unexpected

  1. Yay! I’m happy he likes the music lesson and I loved how he thanked you for finding him the teacher. Boys say the sweetest things. Also, the car is free and new to you so that is pretty awesome.

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