Photo: Two out of my four tomato plants, grown from seed. Martha Stewart says that Millennials are feckless, lazy and mollycoddled… and that we don’t know how to grow anything. Well, Martha, here is one of my abundantly growing beds, full of tomatoes and other plants! Also, Martha, if I needed some woman’s unnecessary and unsolicited critique, I’d get on the phone with my mother-in-law! Don’t make me erase your baking show off my DVR…


It’s a short post because I’m exhausted and it’s getting late. The trip to Wegmans and a run into Cambridge with two boys who are whiny and full of energy  has really taken it out of me. But I wanted to give you a sneak peek at my Quiet Thoughts for Friday:

We just revealed to two little boys that they will be taking their first music lessons tomorrow. Guitar lessons for Ursa Major, a trial of multiple instruments for Ursa Minor. They will be able to borrow the instruments for practice at home, and we are giving it a go for 4 sessions. If the boys enjoy it, if they practice without too much fighting, if they make progress and they want to continue… we will purchase instruments for them. A shiny blue guitar for Ursa Major. I’m suspecting a drum set for Ursa Minor, but I could be wrong (My Lord, please let me be wrong!).

It’s an investment. $300 for these 4 lessons alone… but we have been given an unexpected opportunity to make this happen and I’ve been under the advisement of very wise counsel…. so this is happening. I’m sure it’s gonna be a huge headache… but it was amazing to see Major’s entire body practically float off the floor in excitement when we told him. He needed a win today and here it is. All he’s ever wanted in his whole little life is to play the electric guitar. He’ll start on acoustic, but he’s starting here instead of the piano. I hope he grows to appreciate it.

So… pray for me. Tomorrow is a big day for two little boys. I suspect, at least for Major, that tomorrow is the start of something big. A love affair, even. I’m hoping that this is a huge spark in his life and something he will always have.

Exciting things, Dear Reader! Forgive me for the Fail! (I had such a streak going and now there have been a bunch this summer. I’m sorry. This season is so mean to my productivity levels…)

But I promise that there will be Quiet Thoughts on Friday. They’re practically written in my head already.

Until then, stay safe and take care.


3 thoughts on “[Short Post] But with a Preview…

  1. Wow. Didn’t know Martha had such a crummy attitude about Millenials… Most of the workers at the farm are Millenials, and from what I’ve seen, they are a pretty amazing generation of people.
    Yay! Beauuuuuutiful plants!
    And as for drums, well, I’m a closet Drumline fan (I know it’s sort of a sappy movie…) I’m a sucker for a Drumline.

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