Lord, I wish I was the proud owner of a lovely real camera capable of taking actually good pictures. Traveling would mean beautiful posts filled with candid shots and sweeping landscape views. I’d recount an interesting story of some corner traveled to, some piece of wisdom plucked from random conversation during the day… all between photos, beautiful photos… you’d feel like you were there for every moment of it!

Of course, I don’t have a good camera. And this isn’t a travel blog. And I’m not that great at writing about traveling.

Nope. I have an old Samsung phone that takes non-blurry pictures 1/5th of the time if I’m lucky. This is a barely passable mom blog. And while I’m certainly an improved writer from the early days of this little blog, I know I have a lot to work on.

And I’m a woman on vacation with small children.

But, because habits are powerful and discipline key, I submit this post on a late and rainy night. The day was long, but the laughs were many. I got to clutch my Grandmother’s hand and watch as she enjoyed my children’s laughter. There was good food grilled by a true master and old-school music playing in one of the greatest back yard in town. Why? “Because our babies are home! What better reason is that?”

So I apologize for not writing a real post. I commit to writing some Quiet Thoughts on Friday. Forgive me, Dear Reader. I probably should have just taken the 2 weeks off. But that would have been so strange, right? Totally.

See you Friday for Quiet Thoughts. (Promise!)


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