Photo: That, my Dear Reader, is the start of a beautiful strawberry. A strawberry that we’ve planted. A strawberry that I can’t wait to pick and eat. Let us all pray that the chipmunks and the groundhog don’t get to it before I do. Matter of fact, we gotta talk about that groundhog…


It was too hot to mow the lawn on Saturday, which was awkward. No, seriously! It was so hot that the lawnmower kept vapor locking, so The Husband had to stop in the middle of getting it done. The grass was so high that we were starting to see ticks (I had one on me on Thursday, caught it before it could bite) so I wouldn’t let the boys outside to play. It was just as well, though… it was super crazy hot on Saturday.

I mean, it’s better than snow. Just about anything is better than snow. And no, I’m not complaining! I’m stating facts! It was hot. So what we did do? Well, aside from keeping the boys entertained with puzzles and games, there was a lot for adults to do. For example, I had to get this quilt quilted so that I can get the binding sewn on by the end of the week.


Apologies for the low lighting. Anyway, the quilt is quilted! Yay! It’s ready for binding! I’m so excited! I’ve been getting craft fatigue… so many other patterns calling to me. I’ll be delighted to get done and present this to my friend as a gift, then pick up my knitting needles again. This summer, I’m gonna knit socks. I even bought a new set of double-pointed needles to solidify my commitment, which is scary as all hell. This is freaking happening. More on that as we go through the summer.

There were also plants to get out of the house. We started a lot of seeds this winter and this weekend was the big weekend to get them ready to put in the beds! We learned that you have to get them ready by taking them out for a bit and then bringing them back inside. Then take them out again and then bring them back inside. So, anyway, we did that. Today, though, was the big planting day!

And you know what happened?


That is the stump of one of my pumpkin vines! That plant was in the ground for barely three hours and my freaking groundhog (I’m assuming) done came in and bit it to a little stump! We only planted two pumpkin seeds and we were really looking forward to growing them and now this!

So what did we do with the second plant?


Oh yes, too-precious status. Got a fence within the fence. Gonna put a sniper on the roof if I have to! Stupid groundhog…

Tomato plants went in next to our sugar snap peas. Onions are growing, too, which is a happy consequence of throwing our kitchen scraps into our compost pile.


We also planted basil and cilantro alongside some lavender this year, and a wide assortment of different flowers (Thanks to wonderful reader Marney!).


But the crown jewel of the garden? The strawberry bed! They are coming up so nicely!


Secondary crown jewels might be the daisies and, I hope, our hydrangea, which suffered terribly after the stupid April snow storm. We had to severely cut her back, but what is left is growing strong. I worry that we won’t get any blooms this year, which is a shame.


One of the upsides of the garden, besides all of the bounty that we hope it will bring us, is that it will give Camp Mama a lot of good science curriculum, not to mention a good amount of chores! The best part, of course, is how beautiful it will all be and how rewarding it is. The Husband and I are a bit sore, but we are delighted and excited about how it could all turn out. There will certainly be some lessons to learn this summer!

Now I’m off to sew together these binding strips. I’ve got to get this quilt done, but there is still a lot to do!

So I’ll see you Wednesday.


7 thoughts on “A Weekend of Work

    • Our groundhog just treated our garden like an old country kitchen buffet! I’m so sad! I’ve never been adversaries with our wildlife before… but now that we are getting serious about gardening, things are going to change. I’m sad about it all. Gotta come up with a solution fast!

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