Photo: My chicken was too big for my pot. Or maybe my pot was too small for my chicken? Whatever. It was a no-go… so I butterflied the girl and threw her in my cast-iron with all the ingredients I was gonna put on her anyway. The result was still delicious and the gravy that I made was just heaven.


I haven’t done it in a while and I loathe to do it now, but I’ve gotta make this an official fail post. My day was full to the gills with Mama tasks, Wife tasks, Freelancer tasks, even Writer tasks and now I’m sitting here sore and tired, wanting a hot shower and a little time for stillness and quiet. How long was my streak? I even blogged last week! So frustrating! But honestly, my brain is so foggy and my day was such a marathon…

and my husband managed to slice his thumb open while I was typing all this so now I’ve gotta go play nurse and hope I don’t gotta chauffer him to the hospital (as the boys just went to bed!).

So, here is a picture of the beef burgundy I managed to make tonight for dinner:


French cuisine is delicious, but a time suck. Seriously. But so worth it. Oh my God, so worth it.

So… off to be a nurse. Then, hopefully, a long shower and a much-needed rest. Forgive me, Dear Reader.

will see you Friday for Quiet Thoughts.


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