Photo: The window boxes are back and full of flowers! We hope they’ll fill in nicely as the summer goes on. The boxes are such a wonderful feature of the house now! Of course, it’s getting down into the mid-thirties tonight so the husband is bringing them in as I type this. Spring is not fully set in yet around here!


I hope that you had a pleasant weekend, Dear Reader. Has the sun finally emerged from behind the clouds where you are? Everybody here has a bright, happy attitude after a full day of sunshine! First we’ve seen in over a week, Dear Reader!

In the cold Spring rain, The Husband and I went car shopping again, test driving a Ford Explorer and Chevy Traverse before poking our heads in a Pathfinder and a Town & Country. What I learned from the experience is the following:

  1. Car salesmen are… frustrating. Nobody seemed to care, nobody listens. We thought we were doing the right things but I guess not. Best quote from the Husband this weekend: “Why do we have to get nasty in order to get any headway in this process?” Our Ford dealership was particularly annoying. We’ve been taking the Fusion to them for maintenance for three years now. We made an appointment with a specific salesman only to be given to some other dude when we got there. He was pushy and not helpful and we got that stupid run-around with the “I have to talk to my manager” crap every 10 minutes. Made me just want to walk away. I hope we get one of those “how was your experience” emails so that I can give someone a piece of my mind.
  2. The Explorer was okay but the Traverse is better. The Traverse is my kind of car! I really loved driving it and it seems to have everything we need. That being said…
  3. We’re probably gonna get a Sienna. Probably.

So, the thing is.. I love that Traverse a lot. A lot. But, having driven all of these crossovers now… I’ve come to the conclusion that my husband is right: the minivan is the most practical choice for what our family needs right now. I’ll hate it, it’s cavernous, I’ll feel my sense of self slowly dissipate every time I put my key in the ignition… but it will get us everywhere we need to go in the safest and most comfortable way, carrying all of our stuff, including those bikes that the boys are no longer content to only drive in our driveway. If we remain a family of four, it will practically be a rolling hotel. If we become a family of five, it will still feel luxuriously huge. The gas efficiency is also better in the van than in the crossovers…

but… there is still the sticking point about all-wheel drive. The universe is telling me that I don’t need it, but I think I will have better piece of mind if I have it. It may be hard to get an AWD Sienna with low mileage in our price range. I don’t want to hold my breath for months and months waiting for a unicorn. So now I have a choice: Get the Sienna without the AWD or get a Traverse (which has on-demand AWD). I’m really not sure, Dear Reader. Maybe this is me looking for one more excuse to push away the practical wisdom and get the car that makes me happy.

Boo! I’m not delighted by this decision! At least the test driving is over. Time to scour the internet until the right car turns up for us to go get.

I was rewarded for my patience with a fairly peaceful Mother’s Day. My thoughtful and wonderful husband took the boys to the garden center to get flowers for our boxes and for our new stump planter!


He chipped and hacked at that thing all last summer and autumn, creating a hole wide and deep enough to plant these flowers in! At the foot of the stump will be Black-Eyed Susans. The lawn is coming together nicely! Hopefully, I’ll have a picture of one of the stained picnic tables for you on Friday.

After The Husband planted all the flowers, he took the boys back out to get me take-out Chinese food because he’s clearly amazing and knew exactly what I needed. The result? A solid 3 hours without having to do anything with the boys. Happy Mother’s Day! Best husband ever.

The rest and relaxation was short-lived, of course. Mom arrives tomorrow afternoon and this house is not ready for her. She told me not to fuss when I talked to her on the phone yesterday. “I’m coming to help! Don’t do anything special!” She said. “Don’t lift a finger!” She instructed.

I’m cleaning my ass off as soon as I walk away from of this computer, Dear Reader. I know better! It doesn’t need to be perfect but it will need to be closer than it is right now!

I wish I’d asked for a guest poster or someone for Wednesday. Too late to set up such a thing now, unfortunately. I’m full of regret! I will probably be too out of it to post… I’ll have my phone with me so I think I’ll try to put up a little mini note saying that I’m ok. I will be here for Quiet Thoughts on Friday, even if the entire text is, “ow. Oh ow. Why the hell did I do this? Ow!” Please keep me in your thoughts as I do this last leg of this crazy deviation from normal.

Did I tell you that Major learned how to pedal his bike this weekend? Did I tell you that Minor figured out how to lift his feet on his glide bike, keeping balance and control while going at high speed? Did I mention that Minor is now demanding  pedal bike because he can balance on his bike and it’s “too easy” now?

When it rains, it surely pours, Dear Reader!

Thank you in advance for your patience with me this week. If you don’t hear from me on Wednesday, don’t panic. I’ll post something on Thursday just to say I’m ok. I will post on Friday, even if it’s a short post to tell you how recovery is going. Cool?

Have a productive week!


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