[Short Post] And Now, We Wait


I am a little sore, so I’ll keep this brief.

The procedure was quick and relatively simple. I wouldn’t call it pleasant, as a dude with a needle that makes a drilling sound had to poke me a few times and I have a lovely little set of bandages for a few days as a result! But hey, they numbed me up and I didn’t feel anything. Honestly, the biopsy was more comfortable than the mammograms.

The doctor who performed the biopsy today was actually the same man who saw me three years ago and originally diagnosed the lump as a lipoma. He took a very long look at my lump and then started poking me with the needle (I got to watch. It was actually interesting). I asked him afterwards what he thought about it. He said he still believes it is a lipoma and he expects the results to come back as benign. I thanked him for his candor, as everybody has been so cautious up until now. I  feel a lot better. There is still the squeak of doubt in the back of my mind, but my anxiety has lowered significantly. I feel like I can function again.

And I must function as I have to purchase a new car.

That’s right… 2-car family? Not right now.

My car is back in my possession and it’s running. That’s the good news. The bad news? If they didn’t solve the problem (they tightened up the engine mount again), then the first  step is to replace the other two engine mounts ($600). If that doesn’t work, we’re talking a new axel ($1100).

So, it’s working right now. How long will it last? Can we drive this car to Maryland this summer? I don’t know if we can.

Poor timing is an understatement for all of this. We just wrote a sizable check for Minor’s preschool and Major’s kindergarten deposit is due in 2 weeks. It’s also “are you going to summer camp?” season. We thought we were going to be able to get little boys swim lessons and a week of camp, as well as membership to our little local beach. Instead, we are looking at Camp Mama, again. Maybe even Camp Mama without our beach pass. That could be really bad. I don’t think I’ll be able to do any freelancing or writing of any kind if we don’t even have the beach pass. We were hoping not to make this purchase until September or October, hoping to get a good deal and do some financial magic to get us to the payoff of this car…

but now? Now we’re talking trading in… stasis, but at least with a reliable vehicle.

There are many blessings. There are many challenges. There are many options.

So we march forward and hope we are making the right decisions. Tomorrow. Today, I’m sore, but hopeful. I’m going to go watch some Judge Judy and take a Tylenol.

I’m grateful, as always, for your many thoughts and prayers. I didn’t feel alone today. I knew so many of you were with me. Thank you so much. Thank you for your care. I will never be able to adequately articulate my sincere thanks.

I will see you Friday for Quiet Thoughts.




3 thoughts on “[Short Post] And Now, We Wait

  1. I hope you get the car situation sorted. We encountered some car trouble while in Canada visiting my brother (he moved out there last year) — the exhaust fell off his car an hour out of Vancouver on the 11-hour drive from there to Calgary, the window already having broken earlier in the trip. It was not a pleasant experience. On the plus side, I got to experience the side of a Canadian road for two hours, and then had my first trip to Denny’s while the car got temporarily mended so that we could make the nervewracking journey through the Rockies with it making very disturbing noises, but… basically what I’m saying is, making long journeys with fragile cars is stressful, and I hope you manage to find a way out of having to do that which won’t cost the Earth!

    *health vibes* *car vibes*

    • You were on this side of the pond and you didn’t tell me!? The sadness I feel!

      Also, that sounds like it was an awful trip! I’m glad you made it to your destination ok. 😦

      • Haha, I’m sorry, it didn’t occur to me. We spent two weeks in Canada, first in Vancouver and then in Calgary. The car journey was very beautiful and whatnot, but also very stressful. My brother moved to Calgary last summer, so we were primarily visiting him.

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