Photo: It’s a repeat, I know, but it is my favorite picture of the week. It’s one of the rare moments when they weren’t fighting or whining this week.


I’ve had the music from The Sorcerer’s Apprentice stuck in my head all day. I’ve been humming it as I fuss around the house, which has driven the boys crazy. For ya’ll who don’t remember, that’s the Fantasia piece with Mickey Mouse in the magic hat and all hell breaks loose after he gets a hold of the magic book of awesome. There is a scene around the middle where Mickey is having a dream that he is controlling the heavenly bodies: stars and comets go wooshing by with a flick of his hands. Of course, he wakes up to a room full of water, his creations out of control.

That’s where I am. The fantastical dream of control is over. The overwhelming feeling of chaos is washing over.

I’m not drowning. The water is high, but I’m not drowning. It’s the end of vacation week and it was a bitch, but I’m still here. There was all sorts of happening today and there will be more tomorrow as we have yet another party for Minor. One. Last. Party. I swear we aren’t doing this insanity next year.

We got into our first-choice kindergarten. Full day, too! All of that effort paid off big! We’re really quite lucky and I’m so grateful. It would seem that there were a few families that got their last-choice schools. God was really looking out for us, I guess. There will be lots of papers and information and gatherings to look forward to but, for now, we get to breathe a little easy.

I am reminded that the world is always in balance. As something was given, something is taken away. The Fusion is in the shop, and will be until Tuesday. We suspect it’s the steering or the suspension. Either way, the noise the car is making is horrible and The Husband and I are really worried about the cost. We’ve invested a lot in this car, as we really need it for the immediate things, but also because we need to become a 2-car family. We’re mere months away from paying off this car and being able to purchase another one. I think we’re both worried that the repair will be catastrophic, more expensive than the car’s worth… and then we’ll have to make a tough decision.

In the meantime, we’re renting a car for $45 a day (!!) to get us through the next few days. I have to get to the store tomorrow to prepare for the party. Little boys have to go to school on Monday because I have my surgical consult regarding the lump in my breast. It’s these times when being closer to family would make things go so much more smoothly, and we could save a little money. Then again, it’s nice to stand tall and be perfectly capable as a team. There was crisis, we figured it out, we’re gonna be ok. It would have been nice to have had help, but we didn’t need it.


Or maybe we do and I’m just a fool. Mickey didn’t think he needed help at this time in the story either. He had no clue how much trouble he was in. Silly apprentice. Silly me.

Anyway, my Dear Reader, I’m tired. Not enough water or sleep, too much to do, and so many more things to do in the morning. But it’s Friday and the moon is beautiful again, a prime time for wishes. So, actually, I wish you a little time to stare at the moon if you can. It lit up the sky last night and lent a hopeful energy to the warm Spring night. I wish you time out in the yard this weekend, maybe starting a garden or reading a book in a favorite warm-weather spot. I wish you birdsong, children’s laughter, and soft grass under your feet. I wish you cold, sweet wine and excellent company to share it with. I wish you the smell of new flowers on the breeze, a smile from across a room, and a great story told with enthusiasm and bravado. I wish you a quiet moment with a favorite person, a kiss on the cheek and a loving whisper. Has someone told you they love this week, Dear Reader? I hope so. I hope you told someone you love them at least once this week as well. In these happy moments with sunshine and color emerging, get caught up in something and share a little joy. Remind someone that they are worthy of love and admiration, knowing that your words and thoughts are valid for you as well! You are loved and admired, and what you do matters to the people in your life. Make sure you walk in that love and that you share it at least once this weekend.

By the way, we’re gonna stain the tables. No chevrons! Pictures sometime next week!

Until Monday, take care.


5 thoughts on “[Quiet Thoughts] Exhausted Fool

    • Well, ain’t you just resourceful!?

      I don’t think it’s the steering rack… at least based on what I’m reading here. Our steering didn’t fail… it was never difficult to move the wheel and there was no resistance from the car when I was going through curves and stuff.

      If it IS the steering rack, we wouldn’t be eligible for the recall: my car is an ’08 and the recall is for 2011-2012s.

      You gotta remember, my car has 103,000 miles on it. I know we’re pushing it. We’re probably due for some big repair. But still… just devastating for the budget. 😦

  1. Can you do a rental car on priceline and pick up at the closest airport? I pay no more than $22 a day for a full-size when I name my own price. I hope the car gets fixed and is affordable.

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