Photo: This child tryin’ to sneak extra pizza onto his plate. He thought nobody was looking… I snapped the picture and was like, “what are you doing?” He screeched and laughed. Silly child.

My husband was so kind as to take the day off today, allowing me to have productive time away from my children. There was a dental appointment in the middle of the day, so it wasn’t all fun and mimosas for me, but it was still downtime and I appreciate it.

You’re probably thinking, “if you had a day to yourself, Kyra, why aren’t you writing a full post?”

Um… well…

Look! Cute pictures of the children!


That’s right, ya’ll. Big boy bikes! Helmets! What in the world is happening around here? Who are these huge children large enough to ride on real bikes with real helmets on?

The boys are elated! We parents are exhausted! Bike playdate tomorrow at the playground? Sure, why not! Gone are the easy playground visits when I can break out my notebook while they go play on the equipment! Booooooo!

And do you see that ugly plastic on the picnic table? The Husband wants to protect the wood from rain and other moisture until we can get it painted.

“It’s ugly! When the hell are you going to paint it!?” I asked him.

“We can pick colors tonight if you want!”

So I guess I’m picking a color tonight. Thank you for your suggestions! My husband is trying to convince me to let him do a design. There was talk of chevrons. What’s with him and chevrons? I told him that he gravitates to chevrons in the way that I gravitate to paisley. He told me I am mistaken. I told him I’m going to kick him tonight when he’s sleeping.

And who the hell thinks chevrons look good on picnic tables? Doesn’t that sound like the worst idea? It does, doesn’t it? I know it does.

I’ll share whatever we come up with in my Quiet Thoughts post on Friday.

Until then, forgive me and take care.  




3 thoughts on “[Bloggy Day Off] Spring Wednesday

  1. You sound like you’ve made up your mind…no chevrons. I can’t believe your boys are riding their big boy bikes. I’m going to teach Munch to ride his bike this summer. LOL. It was rough earlier. No coordination. Okay, how come I didn’t know your name was Kyra? My sister’s name is Takyra. Coincidence.

    • I’m sorry for the belated reply.

      Bike riding… augh. Here is the good news, the only way they can learn is to practice, practice, practice, and they can only really do that ON THEIR OWN. But still, it’s work for Mama. Get ready!

      Tikeetha andTakyra. That’s an awesome set of names for two sisters! Does she pronounce it TaKe-ra or TaKai-ra? I pronounce my name Kee-ra. Depending on the accent, though, it gets a little funky. I had a hallmate at Hampton who was from PG and she called me Kar-ra. Didn’t matter how many times I said my name correctly, she could name manage that “Kee” for the life of her. Up here in Massachusetts, that ending “ah” sound is replaced with “er” for most words. So, believe it or not, people say “Honder” instead of “Honda” around here, even in commercials! So what’s my name? “Kee-rer” most of the time. Sometimes they go sharp on the front side and still fail in the back. “KEY-rer.” It’s like damn, ya’ll… it ain’t that hard…

      • LOL. My mom was going through a phase and she wanted to name all her kids with a “T”. 70’s babies. My cousins named kids after her with Shakyra and Lakyra. WTH? Black folks. LOL. She pronounces it Takai-ra.

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