Short [Quiet Thoughts]: So Much Birthday


The day started at 6:15 with a fussy baby.

And just about anything that can happen with 5 boys running around did.

So we’re a little exhausted.

My guests are gone. My children are being bathed. My kitchen is clean.

And so I present to you pivotal pictures and beg your forgiveness: I’ve got nothing more to give until I can get some good sleep tonight and strong coffee in the morning.

Here they are:

Cake last night was a big hit. Absolutely delicious (Wegmans is the best!) and just enough for everybody!


Minor was gifted with a new bubble-making machine (used today. Very fun), a few puzzles, a bunch of legos and flashlights that are shaped like lightsabers and actually make the noise when you swing them! Anyway, this is him, soon after the cousins left, finally relaxing and building.


And this is the best part of my weekend. A little overwhelmed by all the craziness (the visiting cousins are a rowdy bunch!), Minor ended up in my lap this afternoon. He snuggled up and eventually fell asleep for about 2 hours. Such a rare and precious treat. IMG_20160416_145137

It was only 24 hours but it was intense. Intense!

And now it’s over and we can recover. Tomorrow? Bunk beds and picnic tables. Pictures of success, I hope, on Monday.

Until then, Dear Reader, stay safe, keep warm and take care.


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