Photo: I hope you’ll forgive the blurry picture. It’s the best I could find that had no faces of the other children in it. Anyway, that’s Minor with a gecko at school today.

Before I get to telling you about my youngest child and his big birthday bash at school, I’ve gotta share a story about Major.

Major decided that he was bored of playing with his brother on Monday, so he joined me in the kitchen while I was cooking that awesome tofu. He is familiar with a lot of the ingredients, so I talked to him about what I was doing and why. The kitchen island was a disorganized mess because I was cooking two dinners (the tofu and the dirty rice) and in the middle of it all was a glass of red wine. Major stared at it and then went all Captain Obvious on me: “Are you drinking wine today?”

“Yes, dear. I am.”

“Does it make you feel closer to Jesus?”

I laughed. I’m sorry, but I did. It was just… too perfect. So much snark went racing across my brain, but I reined it all in to manage, “Why yes, baby! I guess it does!”

My son was quite serious: “Because that’s what Jesus had with his disciples, you know. He had wine with the disciples.”

Wow… “Well yes, I guess he did. That’s good and important to know.”

He smiled in that prideful way that 5 year-olds do. It’s an inward sort of smile. He bounced in the chair he was standing on. “Are you baking bread, too?”

“No, baby, we’re gonna have this here tofu.”

He then had many questions about tofu.

Now I am sure that a few of you are put off by my sharing that exchange. I promise that we haven’t jumped off the Christian deep-end, though I admit that I’ve been writing about it more and more. The reason why I’m sharing is because it was a breakthrough moment in an otherwise normal day. I don’t know what I knew when I was 5, but I sure as hell didn’t know anything about the disciples. Certainly wouldn’t have connected Jesus and wine. This was one of those clear and remarkable moments, proof that connections are being made even when we don’t think they are. Frankly, Major has been a real jerk in Sunday School lately and we were worried about how much he is really getting out of it. Clearly a lot more than we could imagine.

While I know that my two children are complex and interesting, it’s sometimes hard to remember between the daily battles over the trivial and annoying. Not to mention the moments when I am actively seeking their brilliance and they stonewall me with their “I don’t knows” and their “I don’t remembers” and their “augh, can you just tell me?” I wish that the joy and fascination could be just as reliable as the bickering over toys or the struggles during transitions.

Meanwhile, Minor has a complex mind of his own. He was too excited about going to school today because he knew it was going to be special with parent helping and cupcakes. 24 yellow cake cupcakes with yellow liners, frosting and sprinkles (that I neglected to take a picture of! Blarg!) accompanied pineapples and cubes of cheddar cheese for snack today. When the class sang the birthday song to him, they asked: “Are you one? Are you two? Are you three?”

“I’m three!”

Teacher: “No, no! You’re turning four!”

Minor: “But not until Friday!”

He corrected every single adult that he spoke to today about his age. Even me! “I’m three! I’m still three! It’s not my birthday and I’m not four but I still get cupcakes! Yeah!”

Rules are rules and days are days, Dear Reader! The child isn’t four until Friday. It’s true…

And to be clear, he reminded his big brother twice this morning about the most important rule of all:

“On Friday, it will be my birthday and that means I get the first piece of cake!”

His brother was very annoyed to be reminded of this. Especially twice. I’m sure this is going to come up a few times between now and then.

So now what’s in store for the birthday boy? Pizza dinner with his friends in a few hours! Friends who have brand new chickens! That’s the new rage in my community. I must say, I’m a little jealous. However, I value my fox family over super-fresh eggs, and I feel like adding chickens to the yard would make us direct adversaries.

So I must be off to get ready for it. I’m bringing the veggies and the dip. I’m sitting here praying that I get some quilting time tonight. I hope to have pictures for you on Friday!

I hope that you are having a productive week, Dear Reader. I hope that you are having a little fun, too. If you’ve got a little yellow in your wardrobe, I hope you’ll think of my son and wear it this week. Whimsy is awesome.

See you Friday for birthday Quiet Thoughts.


6 thoughts on “Sunshine Yellow Day

  1. how very older & younger sibling!!
    (i’m the younger…)
    wise move with the fox/hen choice. could’ve been a setup for heartbreak with that combination.
    as for the color yellow… i actually have one article of yellow clothing that came into my life in 2006. a bucket hat. it was at the farm where i was apprenticing, & it was hanging in the barn, & i needed a hat. it’s been mine ever since, but a year ago i stopped wearing it because i needed a wider brimmed hat.
    honestly i’ve thought of Minor many times when i pass this hat (just sitting, waiting…)
    email me if you would like me to send it!
    it’s by no means new, but still in good shape.

  2. I have a backlog of reading to do here, but here I pause to say Amen to yellow sprinkles and to faith sprinkles and wonderment and stubborn finishing up the 3 before becoming 4.

    • Welcome to my little space on the web, Sarah. Don’t go reading it all–there are multiple years worth of posts here! Of course, I guess this means I can’t post mean things about church anymore!

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