Photo: This photo… that face! The boys really loved the aquarium today. I really loved it, too. I wish it could be a little bigger, but it is a wonderful facility. If you’re ever visiting Boston and you need to spend an afternoon somewhere, it’s certainly a beautiful facility, albeit a bit expensive.


Parent-Teacher Conferences  meant no school for little boys today, Dear Reader. I decided to make the most of it. I scheduled my meeting early so that the boys and I could head on down the aquarium for a long overdue visit.

I was fortunate enough to get two free tickets for the aquarium from a friend and I was very excited to use them. “All I have to do is buy one ticket? Awesome!” I thought. Well… one child’s ticket to the  New England Aquarium is just over $18… and to park down there? $38. Kick in the $14 for tacos at the food truck after we got out of there and you’ve got yourself an fairly expensive day.

But the boys had a great time. Lots of running. Lots of “wow!” Lots of “look at that one! No, that one!” While Major wanted to go from exhibit to exhibit at first, he soon found his absolute favorite thing: The Electric Eel. It brought back memories of me on field trips to the National Aquarium in Baltimore, watching a similar display and listening to the pulsating sounds of the voltmeter as the creature swam around the tank. The boys couldn’t stop watching the giant thing. Unfortunately, we did not get to see him zap anyone. Maybe next time…

They got to touch starfish and sea cucumbers, though. They got to look at hermit crabs and scallops and sea snails. They found the giant anaconda swimming around in one of the tanks. I…did my best not to look at it directly. It was bigger than it should be. Snakes shouldn’t come that big. Ever. Why do snakes come that big!?

20160406_115953.jpg(Myrtle came down to hang out with us! Such coolness.)

Anyway… Minor loved looking for the biggest fish in the various tanks, but didn’t actually like to look at them, especially up close. Some of those fish, I swear, were bigger than he is. He wasn’t always convinced that the glass was going to protect him. He wasn’t convinced, sometimes, that there was glass there at all. I had to explain that the water was in the tank because of the thick glass. Sometimes it worked. Sometimes, it didn’t.

Funny how he didn’t seem to care about the thickness of the glass while they stared at the damn snake for 10 minutes!


The picture is blurry but, you get the idea. Big snake. Much gross.


We got back here mid-afternoon and I set out to make chicken pot pies (yes, from scratch. Do you even have to ask? Yes, I make my own pie crust. Maybe I’ll share that recipe…) and marinate tomorrow’s dinner. After dinner, I had to quickly get the house in order to host craft night with a friend. Thus the late post. This is the first moment I’ve had to sit at this computer today!

It has been gloriously busy, very distracting, which is perfect. I did speak with my primary  physician, who looked at the results from Monday’s tests and was very reassuring. An appointment has not been made with a surgeon yet. That’s my task for tomorrow. My husband got home early on Monday to me pancakes for dinner and peel me off the ceiling. It took time, but he was successful. I’m not the wreck that I was on Monday, but I won’t be my complete self again until I speak with another doctor and get this sorted out.

I wanted to make sure that I wrote something today because I want to take the time to say Thank You to each of you. Thank you for your supportive notes on Monday, for sharing your prayers, hopes, and your stories with me. My gratitude comes from the understanding that I am practically a stranger to so many of you, yet you took the time to read my story and care so much. Thank you for uplifting me on a challenging day. Your words, prayers, and positive vibes did wonders for my spirit. You gave me a gift I know I’ll never be able to repay.

I’m off to bed, exhausted from another crazy day. It’s going to be rainy and crappy tomorrow. Good weather for quilting, writing and left over onion soup from yesterday. Comfort matters, Dear Reader. As you’ve sent me some over these last few days, so shall I do for you: I wish you warmth, a soft blanket, a bowl of good soup and wonderful company to share it all with tonight.

See you Friday for Quiet Thoughts.



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