Photo: There is something about this photo. Maybe it’s the two of them looking forward, the whole day ahead of them. This is one of those “Hell yes, it’s about to go down,” sort of photos. Like, look at these two boys, ’bout to go wreck the whole wide world. I love it so much, I just had to share.


My jubilation could not be contained this morning! Could not be contained! 75 degrees in Massachusetts? In March? You couldn’t tell me a damn thing today! Hair was down, bright colors were on, smile was full blast. I stepped out of my house just saying, “yes! Yes! Thank you Jesus, yes!” My neighbors probably thought I was insane.

Well, no, they didn’t. They were out there, too. We all were out there. It’s the First Good Day!

Here is how I know that the joy in Massachusetts really could not be contained today: my unconstrained jubilation went from my head to my toes when I got into my car to take the boys to school this morning and that, of course, extended to the gas pedal of the Fusion. Imagine my surprise when the local constable turned up at the top of the hill right as I was cresting it, going probably a good 10 miles over the limit (maybe a little more. I wasn’t looking at my speedometer). I slowed down sheepishly but, to be clear, I totally deserved my ticket. I was ready to receive it. I could see the officer’s face out the window, too.

But I drove on (significantly more slowly) and so, apparently, did he.

That’s the power of 70 degrees in March, Dear Reader! 

It was a day for breaking out the baseball caps and the superhero jackets that the boys got for Christmas. It was a day for picnic lunches in the sunshine. It was a day for my notebook and my lawn chair and doing my writing while absorbing all the vitamin d that I could.

Now, I have to admit, the First Good Day always comes with a little bit of bitter-sweetness. The Winter Self must come to face with the Spring Vision, and a challenging transition needs to be made. In other words, I woke up this morning and looked at myself in the mirror wear less clothing and had to do an evaluation. Like any assessment, you find some strengths and weaknesses, places that could use some improvement, other places where improvement has been made without much notice. It’s brutal, but necessary. The first step to realizing the Spring Vision is to take that long, hard, sobering look.

The first thing Spring Vision did was admonish the Winter Self: “Girl, the weatherman has been telling you about the weather all week. You couldn’t make time to shave your legs?”

Winter Self shrugged. It was in the 50s this morning. Leggings were always the plan.

Winter Self admitted to being embarrassed about these winter feet. A pedicure is most certainly in order. When Spring Vision asked after when that might happen, there was much grumbling about never having enough time and oh, but it is so expensive. There was also much discussion about how the locs are in desperate need of an oil treatment and a re-twist… that does get done during the winter months, but the renno has had me behind on my routine.

but, that one, sometimes two liters of water I drink a day? Doing glorious things for the skin! At least that looked good in the new Spring sun!

And for all of the mess I was today, not a bit of it mattered. The Winter Self is beautiful, just different and besides, we’re all a mess. Winter is harsh around here and nobody comes out of it beautiful. But, today is the clear signal: Spring is here, time to change it up.

Soon, I’ll have to worry about mosquitoes and ticks (I’m already a little worried about ticks). But today, little boys could play with very few cares. What did they immediately go for? Their “motorcycles” (big wheels), of course! And this season, they’re working on daredevil tricks: standing on the seats while they go down the hill, standing on the top of the seats while they go down the hill, placing one leg on the handles while they drive down the hill, zig-zags and skid-outs… where did they get these ideas from? No longer content to drive alone, soon the boys decided to drive while holding hands and, when that wasn’t good enough, they decided to drive with their brother on the back of the bike. Behold:


Why they decided that Minor needed to be the one to do the pushing, I do not know…


It took a while for him to get momentum… Major’s long legs dragging behind certainly doesn’t help…


There was much celebratory yelling when they both started going down the hill but,


The wipe-out was inevitable.

(and the most fun part.)

They must have done that twenty times this afternoon, Dear Reader. These two boys…

What a day, Dear Reader. It’ll only be in the 50s or something tomorrow, so it won’t be the same. But we’ll still be out there having fun because winter is over and everything is awesome. Might even ask The Husband to get the grill out of the barn.. better watch out, world!

Quiet Thoughts on Friday or will I have a Bloggy Skip Day to go frolic in the sunshine? Hmmmmm…. guess you’ll have to pop in and find out.

Until then, Dear Reader, take care, have fun and don’t forget your sunscreen!


6 thoughts on “The First Good Day

    • See now, 80 in March is too early. If I’m thinking about AC in March, that’s a big problem!
      But YES the sun is nice. I was that terrible person who purposefully didn’t put on sunscreen on Wednesday. Bad, bad, bad. Gonna be better for the rest of the season.

      The only thing that’s missing now is the budding and the blooming! Can’t wait for color to return to the land so I can get inspired again.

  1. The big wheel play by play has me crackin up in public! Crackin up! Its too bad we lose that kind of kid logic as we age. Sure would make shit more funner!

    Dude is your mailbox painted like a bee?

    • No, I’m not that badass. It’s a “play” mailbox at a local park. Isn’t it the coolest? The kids put all sorts of crap in it.

      The big wheels are pretty awesome. It’s frustrating, though, because it’s been three years and STILL neither of them seem to have any interest in putting their feet on the pedals and actually using the bikes correctly. I’m not trying to control the play, but I’m waiting for the moment when they start putting two and two together, you know?

      • Honey enjoy the big wheels. When they get bikes youll never catch em.

        All kinds of stuff in the play mailbox made me LOLZ. Our real one was constantly full. Our mailman haaaated us lol

      • Oh wait, did you mean your kids are little idiots that haven’t figured out pedals? lol

        Oh well, they’ll grow up to cure hunger or some shit

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