Photo: The first two batches of kinklings on their third rise before frying. I got up at 4am on Saturday to get them going so the family could have them for breakfast!


I got to hug dear friends and kiss adorable babies over the weekend, Dear Reader. In total, seven batches of kinklings were made and fried this weekend, with thirteen visitors coming through the door, and the delivery of a few bags to folk who couldn’t make it. Unfortunately, there are a lot left over because of people who said they would be there (even the day of!) who didn’t show up. Which really, really sucks because of all the effort and ingredients that go into them. It’s ok, though. The people who get them really enjoy them and that’s what ultimately matters.

I’m very pleased to write that I managed to make the best kinklings I’ve ever made. I’m not a master by any means, but I can say without a doubt that I am damn close to being able to recreate my grandmother’s kinklings. I certainly achieved the fluffy texture that I’ve been chasing for so many years and I even think I got the taste just right this time. Hers were still the best and I’ll probably never be able to achieve her perfection, but I’m closer to that holy grail than I’ve even been.


What I’ve figured out though, best of all, is just how wonderful it is to make them for other people. I got what I wanted–a house full of people, kids running through all the rooms, adults hanging out in the kitchen enjoying themselves, lots of laughter and lots of eating. We got tips about the house, fun gossip about old friends, fantastic stories about the area back in the day… I think my pastor might have volunteered to take up the linoleum in my kitchen??  I don’t know if he actually meant it. Anyway, we had a warm and open house this weekend. It was pretty awesome. The boys and The Husband have enjoyed themselves most of all. I’m fairly sure my husband only married me because I know how to make these things. There are few things in the entire world that make him so happy as he is at this moment.

My reward for all my toils? Very sore muscles, not a lot of sleep and, of course, a snow day today. Can’t even freaking believe it. Somebody please educate my babies!

I woke up this morning grumpy. Unabashedly straight-up super pissy to the point that even coffee couldn’t save me. All of the preschool moms were sending curse-laden text messages. Especially because the snow didn’t get to this part of Massachusetts until mid-morning. “They totally could have gone for a little bit!” we lamented. My friend hosted a snow day playdate and invited a bunch of folk who I love to hang out with. I wanted to go… but I was worried about getting stuck and, I’m telling you, I was so grumpy I didn’t know if I was gonna be socially appropriate.  So here we stayed… we made the best of it. The boys have watched entirely too much television and eaten entirely too many sweets and I can only marginally care about it.

We will eventually need a detox. Detox starts with children goin’ to damn school. The Husband is gonna stay home tomorrow to clean up the snow and take the babies for a while. He’s the best. Hopefully I can get back to writing some fiction! Seven days since I wrote my last sentence. I whined to my husband yesterday, “I’m not a writer right now. I’m a housewife with a hobby.” Blech. The worst! I’ve got to get back on the wagon.

At least Mrs. Carter was so kind as to give me and all the other little Black girls a new theme song! Formation is everything. And yeah, that Halftime show… had to watch it twice. The video, too!

Anyway, I’m rambling and I know it. I’ve been a “present” mother to my children all day and that takes it all out of me. I love my children more than words and I give them all that I have… but Lord, I need them to go to school so that I can get a break and get something done. I was just coming out of my block and getting back to work! I really don’t want to waste another week.

I don’t know if the next school visit will be postponed by the snow. It might be. Hopefully I’ll have another First Impression post for you on Wednesday. Until then, Dear Reader, get out there and get things going. What’s the biggest goal for your week?


Nachos for the game last night! Om nom nom! Shortribs added a ridiculous decadence to it! Not shown: the guacamole, of course! And the sour cream. And there was more onion and jalapenos, but I had to take the picture before The Husband could dive into it. Will TOTALLY do that again next year! 


2 thoughts on “Labor, Love and Snow Days

  1. lol you sound totally mental. Benadryl the children, and sleep, woman

    Thx for the pics of the kinklings! Can those be made into non sweets w/ like chz & meat and stuff melted on them?

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