Totally Missed that Post!


Hahaha… A bunch of ya’ll popped in yesterday (I see it in my stats) looking for a post and were, well, disappointed. “Kyra is slackin’ this season, huh?”

Well, I wasn’t slacking. I was running many errands, trying my best to keep my writing momentum, adding an inch to my (woefully behind) knitting project, baking two batches of gingerbread to give away and prepping two loaves of brioche (one of which is on its way to the UPS store for shipment)

and entertaining two little boys who are too excited for Christmas.

Three times yesterday:

Either Child: “After this, can we get presents?”

Me: “When do we get presents, sir?”

Them: “Christmas.”

Me: “Is today Christmas Day?”

Them: “No. It’s not.”

Me: “So should you be asking me that question?”

Them: “No.”

Thirty minutes later: “After this, can we get presents?”

Killin’ me, ya’ll.

Big thanks to the highschooler who walked to school in his full-body Santa suit yesterday. Little boys thought Santa was on his way to our house right now and Mama, we need to go home! We need to see Santa! There was sobbing, Dear Reader, as I continued our journey to school. Why can’t we see Santa, Mama? Why?

Big thanks also goes to the teachers of the preschool, who sent little boys home with goodie bags yesterday and told the children that there was a present in there for them. As soon as they got to me during pick-up: “Can we open our presents? The teachers said there are presents!”


So… when I crawled into my bed at 11:30 last night totally exhausted, my brain kicked in and was like, “OH NO! It’s Wednesday and you didn’t write a blog post!”

I swung my feet over my bedside to write a Fail post and then

I plopped back down and instantly fell asleep.

Slackin’. I know. 🙂

But there will be Quiet Thoughts tomorrow. I’m making time. I promise! I’m sincerely sorry to have missed my post yesterday. Many of you guys pop in to read my exploits and I do my best to honor that by staying on schedule. I think this is my second time full on missing a post. I’ll do better from now on.

In the meantime, I hope ya’ll are being productive. And jolly. Jolly being the most important thing.

See you tomorrow for Quiet Thoughts.


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