[Blog Fail] Pretty Monstrous Week


Well hello there, Dear Reader…

I was gonna write about Mister Major’s Day Off because, you see, he woke up with pink eye this morning, so no school for him. Yep, so it was him and me on all the Friday errands, plus a little extra so as to make it fun for him.

I was gonna post fun pictures and share some things he said…

and write about how I’m just about over what I’m pretty sure was food poisoning… an entire week lost… thank God my husband took the day off yesterday to take care of me…

but you see, Dear Reader, I’m typing with one less finger

because I slammed my right pointer finger with my car door after picking up Minor from school. So close to being free… so close to being normal…

typing is painful. Of course, I need this finger to blog, write, knit a gift for my sister that I’m a week behind on, give myself a retwist because my hair is a damn mess, and knead Parker House rolls for Christmas dinner, let alone roll tortillas for tonight’s taco dinner…

so, I’m either on my way to urgent care or the hospital, depending on what my nurse-on-call tells me to do.

yeah… no Quiet Thoughts today…Update after I see the doc…

(Is 2015 over yet?)

Update: not broken! Yay! They used a nifty tool to alleviate the pressure caused by the internal bleeding that was happening under my finger nail. I’ll spare the details so that the squimish will still like me. 🙂 It still hurts like hell and will for a couple of days, but it will get better and I can stil knit! Hopefully I will be able to type to full capacity on Monday, else I will type with one hand (super special skill for the win!).

With storms come rainbows. Some more brilliant than others. I’ll gladly take this one. See you Monday, Dear Reader.



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