Special note: I pressed publish on this and WordPress kindly informed me that this is my 500th post! Heeeeey! That’s pretty cool!


Ok yes, there is a Christmas tree. And yeah, ok, we’ve took care of a lot of gifts over the weekend. Yes.. fine… there was a Costco run made. Great, that’s all well and good…

but let’s talk about what didn’t get done. Like laundry and bathroom scrubbing (ohhhh the loathsome bathroom scrubbing) and the vacuuming and how I tore out my knitting project for my sister for the third time and had to start from scratch and…


bow ties?

Et tu, Dear Reader?


You see, I have this lovely friend who happens to live a little bit south of me. Her church was hosting their annual fundraiser Christmas Market this weekend and she invited me to come down. I had the intention of popping in on Friday morning, but I had something to do at my own church, so I needed to go on Saturday. My husband, God bless him, was like, “oh good. I want to start the boy’s ornament collection, so we should go and get them ornaments.” Ok fine… I was in the market for a pretty pin to go with the shawl that I knitted my sister-in-law. Well, if we two adults are going, little boys have to go, too… and that’s why this got complicated. The budget for the pin was $50. Totally reasonable, right? Keep that in mind.

So we head down to this gorgeous stone church in this fabulous part of the metro region and meet my friend. The vendors for this market had beautiful wares, most of them outside of my budget. And here are these bow ties. Dapper Dino bow ties. Handmade in Vermont.

Ursa Major has turned into my fashion-forward baby. Loving a preppy style to begin with, he also loves shoes and is increasingly getting into color and fancy pull-over sweaters. Well, Dear Reader, when this boy saw these ties… he was just… it’s like his whole life had been meaningless until that moment. The ties were adorable, believe me. Loved them. But we weren’t shopping for ties. So I pulled my boys along and we kept looking for what we came for. Having seen everything there was to see, we selected two adorable ornaments. I was disappointed I didn’t find a pin, so my husband suggested we go back around.

Well… you know what happened next, right?

The table next to the bow tie table had beautiful glass jewelry* that I would have loved to have purchased, but it was outside of my price range. We stopped to talk about her work and motherhood for a moment, and that gave Major the opportunity to get back to the bow tie table

and this time, he would not be denied.

Price of a little-kid handmade in Vermont bow tie? $25. Loooooorrrd….

They really were beautiful. Sweet little ties that were already tied and put on a velcro fastener, and they were made with all sorts of fun and interesting fabric.

There was no way I was going to get Major away from this table… Minor didn’t seem to be that interested… “maybe we’ll just get one,” I said.

“Ok [Major], if I were going to get you a bow tie, which one would you want?”

Major: “I really love music, so I think I would choose the music bow tie.” He then proceeded to pick it up.

Minor can’t be left out, of course. “Well, I really, really love machines, so I would choose the one with machines!” He then picked up a cute one with little machines on it.

And you have to understand that my heart melted, Dear Reader. Because they both named the two things that my husband loves most in his life. My husband loves and understands music on a molecular level. He probably would have studied it if he hadn’t found a greater love for science and engineering. He was on the robotics team when I met him in high school. He was in the marching band in high school, college and even a little in graduate school. He spends his life on the cutting edge of engineering. It was just one of those pure moments. There was just no way I was going to say no.

And yeah, little boys wore them to church yesterday and soooo many people stopped to shower them with compliments. If any of you Dear Readers out there have interest in one of these bow ties, I have the email address of the guy who makes them and I’m happy to share. They’d make a wonderful gift for someone in your life!

So… my sister-in-law is getting a beautiful hand-knit shawl for Christmas. She’ll have to be responsible for her own pin. 🙂

I should also probably mention that my husband has always loved bow ties and I’d pretty effectively put a prohibition on it for the duration of our relationship (“Bow ties are for nerds. They’re so… ewww…”). Welp. The prohibition is over and, I’m sure, the flood gates are about to open.

and as for me? Well… my husband has his two little boys, all his hopes, dreams and passions split into two perfect little beings…

and I may or may not be praying for that daughter after all. 😉 You know, just for some fairness, dammit.

and that’s a dumb prayer because I’ve got mad stuff to do! Also, I need to get off of this computer because there is too much to do!

Like Christmas card stuff! Also, I’m totally frying chicken tonight for dinner (real talk: that’s a pleasure and a rare treat. I’ve got a craving like whoa). And Lord, if I can’t get through one single round of this pattern stitch without screwing up, my sister is getting a potholder for Christmas…

Hey, at least I got some writing done. I think I figured out where that short story that keeps getting rejected is gonna go next. With a little tweaking, because it needs it. And believe it or not, Dear Reader, I think I’m going to be noveling again once the new year comes.

Yes, Dear Reader, I know I’m a little crazy. What else is new?

We’re going to have a productive week, right? What are you up to? Are you making sure to shop small businesses for your Christmas shopping? I have a friend who owns a wonderful glassworks who makes beautiful things, too. Check out her Etsy store!** I bought one of her prints over the weekend and I can’t wait to send it to a friend!

See you Wednesday!

*This vendor did not ask me to or pay me to link to her work. I’m doing it because I really thought that her jewelry was beautiful–I love her use of color and I enjoy the touch of whimsy. As a woman who wears fairly conservative jewelry, I love and appreciate these pieces and think there is room for such in every woman’s wardrobe.

**Wasn’t asked or payed by my friend, either! But her work is beautiful and I love to support her. I hope you’ll check them both out!



One thought on “Shoulda Gone by Myself!

  1. How did I miss this??! I was looking through the Christmas cards yesterday and audibly sighed seeing yours again. You won the Christmas card this year. They are too too cute and deserving of oodles of bow ties! xxoo

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