Photo: It was cool enough to get a quick preview of the good low-and-slow cooking season that’s about to come on. This weekend’s task? Harvest tomato sauce with most of our yummy CSA haul and alll of those tomatoes I harvested from our garden! Oh boy!!

Yikes! I even screwed up the titled on this post the first time out!! *sigh* I need ten vacations…

First of all, big-huge shout-out to all the Late Summer Mamas who were with me at Wegman’s this morning lookin’ exhausted and stressed and wondering why the hell aren’t the children back in school yet? We were there in our little denim skirts and cardigans, some were in the sun-bleached cheap t-shirts we’ve been rocking all summer and aren’t ready to get rid of because, hell, who are we trying to impress? And yeah, our toes were out and, no, they haven’t been re-done recently because who the hell has time for that? And while my hair is freshly retwisted because I demanded two hours to myself yesterday, there were many a Mama rockin’ the “I’m too damn tired for this” pony tail and, you know what? I ain’t mad at ya!

And when we all converged in the pasta aisle at the same time, because pasta is both easy and comforting, I chuckled to myself. Great minds think alike.

Rock on, Late Summer Mamas. We’re in this together. One. Last. Week.




Oh, and to the two Moms at Wegman’s who had the racecar carts that are clearly designed for two children but you had your one kid in it like a…

sorry… no namecalling…

but don’t think we didn’t see you.

And if you’re wondering, “hmm… I feel like I got a lot of nasty looks today while I was shopping…”

That’s because you did!!! You know your kid was big enough to walk!!! 

Ok… ok… I’m sorry. I’m a little punchy. A little tired. A little cranky.

Seriously, though, Major had to hoof it with me while we were out shopping today because the racecar carts weren’t available. If grocery shopping with kids is already considered to be “hard mode” then shopping with your 3 year-old in but your 4 year-old out is probably “extreme” mode.

(Gamer readers will know what I mean. The rest of you can just imagine it to be extra-extra hard.)


He did fine, but it just added that little extra unnecessary nonsense that I didn’t need this morning. I felt especially bad for the poor woman who had her five kids with her, the youngest in the child seat, the second youngest in the big part of the basket (sacrificing significant and precious room for items!) while she corralled the other three through the store.

Lady, you’re my hero. I wanna be you when I grow up.

(not with five kids. But, you know, together in the face of grocery store adversity.)

Ok, I’m done my ranty rant.


Coffee pot?

Lord, let me tell you!

I don’t even know how it got there. That’s the scariest part of the story.

I got up early to do some reading (I’m about to do some outlining for two new writing projects), but I turned off the coffee maker late so that way The Husband could sleep in but still get hot coffee when he got up (because, obviously, I’m the greatest wife there is). When he came downstairs with the boys to start breakfast, the pot was still fresh and I was on my second cup.

I went upstairs to make the beds and gather the laundry, and when I came back down my husband called me into the kitchen.

“Hey babe?”


“Why is the coffee pot in the fridge?”


There it was, just languishing in the fridge. Still warm, thank you, Jesus! But still!

And, seriously, Dear Reader, it scared the shit out of me. I don’t know how it got there! I don’t remember putting it there!

Clearly, I’m losing what’s left of my little mind.

He was like: “I thought you were making ice coffee.”

I was like, no! I’m just losing my mind!! 

My husband tried to reassure me that I’m not actually going crazy or, (because I’m a highly educated woman who reads too much WebMD) getting early-onset Alzheimer’s. “You’re just a little stressed out. You should, uh… take it easy today.”

Yeah, no kidding.

So, two hours to myself to give myself a retwist. Locs are lookin’ fresh, which is the good news. The bad news? Still gotta get through this whole week of entertaining two little boys who need to go back to school!

I’ll live. We’ll live. I hope.

To make myself feel better, I’m baking cookies and making pasta. That’ll do the trick. Right?

Stay strong out there, Dear Reader. September starts tomorrow! I wish it was bringing cooler temperatures with it (cool, not cold. And no, I’m not full-on complaining), but at least it will bring on All-Pumpkin-Everything season! Yay!

See you Wednesday where I will probably try to explain how my shoes ended up in the freezer or some nonsense…


Not bad for a first go! I’ll do some things differently next time, but the result is still delicious and in my freezer!


8 thoughts on “And Then I Put the Coffee Pot in the Fridge (While It Was Still Hot!)

  1. My mother once lost a new recipe book that she’d just bought. We found it when getting ice cream out of the freezer after supper… in the freezer! It happens!!
    Enjoy your weather – it is just so wet here in London 😦
    Best wishes, Emma 🙂

    • Wow! That makes me feel a little better. I’m glad I’m not the only one!!

      You are the second reader to tell me about how rainy it is in London! It’s very dry here and my lawn is fully of patchy brown spots. 😦 A little bit of rain would be nice just to green it up a bit…

      (The grass is always greener….)

      Also, if there isn’t enough rain, the fall foliage isn’t nearly as colorful, and that really WOULD be a shame.

      So it goes. It can never be perfect…

      Thanks for sharing, though! I think I’m going to inspect my freezer and make sure I didn’t leave anything in there, too!

  2. A farmer friend of mine (who’s “children” are in their thirties now – 3 boys, two years apart)… When she used to go to the grocery store in the early 80’s, she’d have two large carts. One for the groceries, & one with all three boys in it…!

    May your next week hold a fair amount of calm, & stay cool! It’s getting hot over here in upstate NY…
    Maybe iced coffee is just the thing…

    • Three boys… two years apart… how did she survive??

      It is so dry here in Massachusetts. You look up at the sky and you think, “that’s gonna do it” and then nothing happens. There is DEW and FOG, but no RAIN. Very frustrating. And they are talking about 90s and nonsense alllllllll week. Just… just sadness.

      I really want the rain for all sorts of selfish reasons: cool things down, give me a watering break, AND ensure we’re gonna get good color for the fall foliage. Drought usually means poor coloring, and you know this is my favorite time of year. 😦 Hopefully we get just a little bit of reprieve soon!

      Hope you have a calm, cool week, too! How are the crops?

      • I have NO idea how she managed!
        But it was/is on a small dairy farm, so lots to do & places to explore, lots of animals & times to be muddy 🙂
        I keep asking to see photos from way back when!
        Goodness- rain seems to be needed all over
        We’ve needed to do irrigation at the farm (lots of drip lines, some watering with hoses on beds that have just been transplanted or seeded)
        I hope this is the last heat wave this season!
        But there is a bit of coolness in the breeze, I’ve noticed.
        Sort of like how it is in the Spring when the breeze has a warmth even though it’s still cool, you know?
        May the trees shine their lovely colors!!
        Wishing you a veryfine week or so before the heading back to school adventure begins!

  3. You would not bee-leeve the derp level after the accident. I tried to let myself into work by scanning my sunglasses; I thought I was British; I literally lost a bowl of cantaloupe (we still haven’t found it); I could not sign my name; and I kept driving the wrong way home. And thats just what I remember lol! You’re doing great!

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