Photo: If you look closely, you’ll find A MILLION BILLION* tomatoes on my plant!!  (*It’s less than that… but more than I’ve ever grown before!)

I… am exhausted.

It  was a day of getting up and at it. I am woefully behind on all that I set out to do this month, but a major deadline came up today: getting the blanket for my friends finished and blocked before tomorrow. So I was up early, despite a late night (The Husband, too, has been pulling working to deadline on a project, so we’re feeding off of each other’s craziness) and go to work.

Then I did all of the other mommy things I was supposed to do today. Good thing I took pictures. Instead of logging my usual 1000 words of post, I’ll let the photos do the talking.


My day started with coffee and knitting. I thought I had maybe two hours worth of work ahead of me when I woke up at 5:30 to get going, but really it was more like four. I’m very satisfied with the final product, though. The blanket has a lovely softness to it, but a textural appeal with the raised blocks, and I really love the color.


I am looking forward to meeting with my assistant rector tomorrow for a little bit of prayer and blessing before I send it off on Friday.

Finishing the blanket freed me to complete my most important task of the day: getting down to the farm to pick up our CSA share and also to cut a check for the fruit share that we’re participating in later this summer. But on the way out the door, I had to check on our garden and guess what!?


FIRST BLUSH!! The vines are both brimming with fruit, like… way too much fruit, actually. We’re excite and concerned. But this is our first tomato to look like a tomato. We’re excited and anxious. When will it be ripe? When can we pick it? Will the birds get to it first!?

My excitement about my tomato was the only thing that got me through the very annoying time dragging little boys to and from the CSA. Little boys are all too delighted to do the stuff they want to do, like see the big red tractor or bleet with the goats or cluck at the chickens. But when it is time to pick up the veggies? Whine city. Super annoying.

Oh, but the haul:


If you live near a farm and they offer a CSA, run, don’t walk, to be part of it. Single best investment we’ve made since we bought the house. We will do this year after year no matter where we live. Thank God we share this with another family, because it’s way too much food for us!

Little boys needed a little time to chill after the frustrating farm experience, but I remind myself that they are having such an excellent summer. Full of exploration:


I love how curious they are and how much they love the nature that is around them. I’ll write a little bit more about that on Friday.

I think that the biggest difference between this summer and last summer is that the boys aren’t at each other’s throats every second of the day. Indeed, they are becoming best friends. These are probably the best pictures I’ve ever taken of them:

20150722_173319 20150722_173331 20150722_173328

They are having an excellent summer. Few else matters. Right?

Well…my writing matters. Back to that first thing in the morning!

Hope you are having a great week, Dear Reader. See you Friday for Quiet Thoughts.


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