Photo: Little boys just don’t even care anymore. They are like, it’s summer, we’re boys, we’re getting in the mud. Dirt in the hair. Dirt in the fingernails. Dirt on the shorts and shirts. Dirt that doesn’t come off with soap. I don’t understand!


Did I tell ya’ll that I found a mouse in my grill last week?

I didn’t? Maybe I only put that on Twitter when I was freaking out.

Yeah… I found a mouse in my grill. He must have been camped out in there while we were away. I opened up my grill and was going in to clean it and boom, little ears and little eyes… Oh my God, those things give me the heebie jeebies! So I sorta ran away from my grill and stared at it uselessly for a while, wondering how I was going to make dinner without heating up my house. Finally, I found the courage to get my broom and hit my precious grill to scare the little thing way.

So, no barbecued mouse. Perfectly grilled Salmon instead!

But I write all that to say that I’ve been a little bit jumpy ever since. The house feels different since we’ve returned, even though that’s some sort of irrational thought on my part. Nothing is wrong, nothing is out of place. Like a crazy woman, though, I suddenly see mice everywhere, or hear them at night time or I’ve decided that Black Widow spiders are living in all the corners because

I’m a complete idiot.

Husband: “It was one mouse. We don’t have mice in the house. Don’t be this crazy person.”

Me: “Maybe we should think about a cat? Or maybe this would be a great time to get that huge German Shepherd I’ve been wanting?”

Husband: “Maybe something venomous did bite you, because you are crazy in your brain area.”

….no… no way… right? No way… and besides, this is nothing that a big-huge dog wouldn’t solve. Right?

“Dogs are really expensive and such a time suck! What’s wrong with you!?”

I know. I’m crazy.

Best believe I’ve been armed with my big ‘ol broom every time I’ve been out in the yard to set up for cooking! No mice since, thank God! I guess we all learned our lesson. I’ve got a rack of ribs out on it now, cooking low and slow. Plan on serving it with some roti, asparagus and black beans. Who says you can only feast during the weekends?

We needed the grill this weekend because it was hot. At least, by Massachusetts standards, which are our standards now because that’s what we are used to. We were melting when we were down in Maryland and this weekend it was in the upper 80s. Didn’t make it to the pond or the ocean because we didn’t have much get-up-and-go, which was fine. There was plenty to do around here and plenty of lawn with shade to sit under. We didn’t suffer terribly because the air is dry and there was a pretty generous breeze.

"It's too damn hot." He didn't SAY it, but he was THINKING it.

“It’s too damn hot.”
He didn’t SAY it, but he was THINKING it.

I spent my time fussing with a story that doesn’t seem to want to be written. I must have put down a good 2500 words over two days and all but 400 ended up surviving. It’s been a frustrating time because I set big goals for myself this month and life has been very successful about getting in the way. I decided to really put my foot down and get back on schedule today. Up and writing at 5. No excuses.

Minor was up at 5:15.

Sometimes, I think the universe it trying to tell me something.

The boys are doing the number one thing I was hoping they wouldn’t do: having growth spurts in July.

Major has been eating like he has never eaten anything in his whole entire life. He’s hungry all the time, and when you sit him down to food he devours it as if he’ll never eat another morsel in his life. It’s been incredible. Of course, his little Stride Rites, which he has had since last school year (with an interlude of boots during the winter), have been on the edge of being tight. He refuses to wear sandals, so he has been rocking the sneakers (which is fine by me, because this is tick country). I’ve been praying that he can make it until a good back-to-school sale next month… but you and I both know that he’s going to tell me his shoes are too tight next week.

Minor, on the other hand, isn’t eating, but he’s been playing extra hard and he’s been exhausted every day at around 4. While he’s been less picky than usual, he isn’t eating the same way that Major is. The reason why I know he’s going through a little spurt is that he is usually on a pretty tight sleep schedule. To be up and ready to go so early in the morning… something is up.

What else is new? You when you think you’ve got them all figured out…

But please, Lord, seriously… 3 weeks until the back-to-school sales start. Oh please, Lord, let these shoes last until then!

And the shorts, too! The mud stains and grass stains and stuff aren’t coming out anymore!

It’s a whole different kind of summer this year. I can barely catch my breath!

It’s mid-July, Dear Reader! How did that happen? Camp Mama rolls on, though we’re light on playdates this week (thank God). But my brother- and sister-in-law are coming up to visit this weekend so… I have to get all of my life in over the next 5 days. All the writing, all the cleaning, all the everything… because there will be no forgiveness come Saturday.

There is no choice but to make it a productive week, right!?

Somebody send me some inspiration. I really need it!

See you Wednesday!


Oh! Check this out!!

20150712_175206My husband made that raspberry pie! And while he insisted on making his own crust this time (sigh…), he said he’d let me make the next one. But the filling!? OH MY GOD, the filling! Delicious! Go make you one!



6 thoughts on “Trying to Find the Rhythm

  1. I used to be terrified of mice. Like, couldn’t sleep for thinking they’d be in my room terrified. (The perils of a Victorian house — it wasn’t so unlikely.) Then one day when I was home sick from school a tiny little mouse, probably only a baby, ran out into the middle of the floor and stopped there, staring at me. I don’t think it was old enough to know it should be scared of me. I basically had a staring contest with a mouse, and it was ADORABLE, and after that I wasn’t scared of them. They’re pretty cute, really.

    • Awwwww, baby mouse staring contest!!! That’s adorable!!

      I never encountered real-life oh-my-God-in-our-house mice until The Husband and I moved to Beacon Hill. We had this apartment and I did my damnedest to keep it clean… but when winter came, THEY came and it was an epic battle until spring. They ate the BREAD, for God’s sake! And they pooped all over the kitchen! ANNNNNND they would end up in our trash can! You could see their figures in move along the plastic after The Husband took the bag out of the can! ewwwwwwwwwwww!!!

      And our second apartment was no better! Didn’t matter how clean I kept the place, THERE THEY WERE. And you KNOW I love to cook, so my kitchen is NOT a dirty place, but STILL they just showed up!! Bleck!!

      I was really worried that we would have them again when we moved out here. “You in the country, girl! You gonna get mice!” I told my husband that we’d get a cat the FIRST TIME I saw one in the house! Well, this thing was built with a fierceness because, thank the good Lord, we haven’t seen any or heard any in here. 2 winters down and we’re good!

      I thank my fox family and my owls for keeping the mice away. They are nuisances in their own ways (my fox was just out two nights ago screeching at midnight… Lordy), but at least they aren’t GROSS!

      Ok, I don’t know anything about the school calendar in the UK… are you home for the summer or are you still in school? Or do ya’ll not get a summer break because, clearly, it’s such a silly thing to do?

      • We get mice periodically, usually when the weather turns cold. I think they hide under the kitchen cabinets, where we can’t get to them. Sometimes I give them names if I see them often enough… Heh. I had one called Simon a little while back. Eventually we caught him and took him away though.

        I get nice long summer breaks now I’m at uni (at school it was only six weeks). Currently I’m working in my old school library; their term finishes at the end of this week. I make a good librarian.

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