[Bloggy Fail] Pithy Excuse Goes Here

Oh hey, is it 11pm on a Monday? What? Time and space and dates seem to have no rhyme or reason when you are traveling… you know?

I would totally peck out my post tonight, but I have been informed by The Husband that typing out posts on the loud computer here in the guest room keeps him up. Sooo…

Tomorrow. Full post tomorrow. But you know I don’t like to straight-up miss a day so, this is me making it work on the phone (please excuse any auto-correct nonsense!) And putting up a place holder.

And leaving a picture.


That’s Minor with his very first crab. And he liked it! That’s my boy!

See you tomorrow, for real.


10 thoughts on “[Bloggy Fail] Pithy Excuse Goes Here

    • He did. I haven’t met a kid who likes the bun… it wasn’t toasted, I guess… anyway, yeah. He ate about 2/3rds of the hot dog before I opened my first claw and then ALL HE WANTED TO DO IN THE WORLD was hit crabs with my mallet. Oh, child…

        • It was at my mom’s place and she’s got a cleaning service so… nope. 🙂 Also, every good Marylander knows how to clean up a crab feast. There are tried and true methods. 😉

          • I’d give anything to drive cross country for a lesson. Some tryin’ times back here could use some hammer time! (Then I’d steal a shovel and get me some dirt therapy in ’round that big ‘ole yard).

            • Just to be clear, “Dirt Therapy” would mean building me a pergola, totally cleaning out the western flower bed, building me a trellis for the barn roses… and maybe putting in another flower bed ? 🙂

              All of that for some crabs? I think you’ll be hella disappointed. Crabs are a lot of work to get into and THEN you have to eat like, I dunno, at least a dozen to feel like you’re full. You’d be like, “dang, girl! What’s with all the WORK for dinner!?”

          • PS not groping for an invite cuz that would rude (and maybe even a bit creepy?). Just loves me some road trips, and need a calming daydream.

              • We’re thinking that too right now while we’re basting away. Hey man, I heard Boston finally got rid of a snow mountain? So not funny. Eff the tundra.

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