Photo: It only took a year, but here we are: flowerboxes filled with gorgeous flowers! Don’t ask me the names. Well… I know there are Marigolds, but then we call the yellow ones Pom Poms and the purple ones “the purple ones” because there was no label on them! Anyway, I’m very pleased.

Thank you for your understanding on Monday. I have been enjoying my time with my sister, who has been such a big help with the boys and has been insistent on my sitting down and relaxing. Southern as I am, I am a bit embarrassed to admit that I had a beer before noon yesterday!

Ok…only slightly embarrassed… it was sorta delicious. 🙂

Anyway, this is what I needed. It has been enriching and encouraging to hear a familiar voice, have a common language, engage and play within a common context and, of course, spoil my little sis with good food that we both love. She demanded ribs on Monday (With my new favorite BBQ Sauce. My sister saw this in the grocery store and was like, you need this. She is starting to turn into that Texan who only wants Texas stuff. Shhh, don’t tell her I called her a Texan. She’d be pissed! You can take the girl out of Maryland…), requested spaghetti and cheesy bread yesterday and today? Grilled marinated ribeye with my famous shoe string fries. I am so excited.

and fat.

and exhausted.

My sis doesn’t have kids, so she is used to staying up until midnight every night and then being able to go-go-go the next day. I’ve been waking up at 6:30 (late for me) and feeling like oooff. Like, old. I mean, she’s 4 years younger than I am, but still.

It will be bittersweet to see her go. I won’t see her again until Christmas and I’ll miss her terribly. I have been able to be fully honest and happy and accepted in my fullness all week and that’s been… oh my God, I can’t describe how free and light I feel. I will miss that beyond measure. 6 months until I get to feel this way again… it’s so heartbreaking. Then again, I am going to drop her off at the airport come back here to get my house in order and be in bed no later than 8:30. For real. Snorin’ and everything.

I’ll write about it more for my Quiet Thoughts on Friday, but it is nice to have our close bond from childhood now translate into a thoughtful, interesting and functional adult relationship. We see the world through four eyes, interpret it with two brains, and collaborate to deal with it as we see fit. I hope and pray Major and Minor will be able to do that, too. It means so much to me. We’ve had our fun this week, but we’ve also talked a lot about our futures as individuals, as sisters, and as units of a larger (and crazy) family. Now that we’re working creatively together, too, I just see good things on the horizon. Matter of fact, I didn’t realize the full potential of what we had to look forward to until she got here.

Bottom line: This week has been good food for the body and better food for the soul.

It had been my plan to share some pictures of the garden we planted over the weekend: 2 tomato plants, rosemary (mostly to detract deer), basil and oregano. We filled the two flower boxes with pretty things (The colors inspired by my wedding bouquet, again) and we bought a gorgeous hydrangea bush to help (eventually) hide our big, ugly septic vent. I am really looking forward to clipping the buds and setting arrangements on my dining room table.


We had a little money left over on our gift certificate, so I bought two hanging pots for two of my potted plants that weren’t getting enough sunlight. So far, they are doing ok! I’m not a green-thumb. My great-grandmother was, and so was my grandfather. I really admire people who can shape their landscapes and cultivate life one petal at a time. I’m not yet a gardener, but maybe I’m on my way!


More on Friday, Dear Reader. Thank you again for forgiving me my bloggy fail! I dropped heavy stuff on Friday and I intended a proper follow-up. One is still due. I haven’t forgotten. And I haven’t forgotten you wonderful folk who lifted me up with your wonderful comments. I will get back to each of you tomorrow after I drop off my sister.

Until Friday, take care.


14 thoughts on “All Good Things…

  1. There’s nothing like having a sister, especially as you mature into adult women. My sister and I are two years apart and worked each others’ nerves as teens, but remain close as adults. I’d be insane without her 😉 I’m glad you were able to enjoy each other!

    • I read somewhere that the kids who fight like crazy stay close into adulthood. Upon bringing my sister home, my Father introduced her to me as the “greatest gift I can ever give you.” Lord, it sure didn’t feel that way when she was crashing the slumber parties or tellin’ on me and all sorts of stuff!! But… I can’t imagine a world without her in it.

      2 years apart!? Yeah… same schools, same friends, same clothes… that must have been hard. My sons are going to go through that, I just realized! I hope we all survive!

  2. Put a marigold or two with the tomatoes. They benefit each other like you and your sister. Get to see mine over the 4th.

      • Love what youve done. Plants are awesome like cooking. Its so experimental and cool to see what happens, but failures arent catastrophic. And its so important for the boys to grow up with exposure to it. Super great job mom and dad 🙂

  3. Lovely post
    Made me laugh & smile & nod reading – seeing with four eyes. Perfect.
    Seems to me you are well on your way a gardener.
    If you ever want support with African Violets in the house – email me.
    Green thumbs grow green with time & practice & learning from “failures”.
    I believe the yellow Pom-poms are dwarf African Marigolds, & the upright purple/pink ones look like a type of Celosia.
    Happy for you that there is a sweet bond between you & your sister

    • My great-grandmother kept African Violets and she seemed to be the only person in the history of the whole entire world who could keep them. They are VERY persnickety, I hear! I actually haven’t seen one since her passing… but I haven’t been looking. That’s funny, actually. Now I’m going to keep a look out. It might be nice to have one and put it on her vanity in her memory…

  4. Like you I also refer to flowers primarily by their colours. I’ll be walking around the college gardens and be like, “Look at all the purples!” or “I like that red” meaning the flowers rather than the colours. Heh. I guess I should learn them some time… I now know that the plant growing all around my window was wisteria, so I guess that’s something.

    • An old British university covered in wisteria… the romance of it is too much to bear!!

      Yeah, I know SOME flower names, but most of them go over my head. They are all pretty and that’s what I care about. You know what’s really big here and was ALL OVER that garden store? English roses. $50 a pot!!! Insanity!

      • My particular college has a lot of flowers! The gardens are my favourite thing about Newnham, to be honest. And there was a lot of wisteria to the point where opening the window was kinda hard. Hahaha.

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