[Bloggy Fail] A Little Time with My Little Sister

As the title implies, my sister is in town. She hasn’t been in Massachusetts since Major was born and so we are having a lot of fun hanging out and doing touristy stuff and enjoying each other’s company. We are also collaborating on a project together, so there is a little bit of business happening, too!

My office is also turned into a guest room, so I can’t sit at my desk at the moment. 🙂

I will write a Wednesday and Friday post because I have a lot to share. I do want to take a moment to welcome my new followers and thank the many wonderful people (regular readers and new visitors!) who wrote very kind and supportive messages on my Friday post. I noticed that there were a LOT of click-throughs to the church website. I hope that you all chose to open your hearts and wallets and made a donation. It isn’t too late if the spirit moves you!

I will write a personal thank you to every comment (as is my usual custom) but it is hard to do on my little phone. I am committed to, though, because I was really moved by all of your kindness. I am not a victim and my pain is so miniscule in comparison to those in South Carolina and yet you chose to lift me up. Thank you. I am grateful for so many things, but the community that I have found here is chief among them.

Thank you for your kindness. I will see you wit pictures and stories on Wednesday.


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