Photo: What is Massachusetts life without some dudes runnin’ around with tights on their legs, firearms in their hands, and funky hats on their heads?


Lordy, is it 9pm on a bloggy day and I’m just now posting? Again? What is going on!?

I’ll tell you what’s going on: April Break. Lordy! Welcome to a week of spontaneous play dates and not getting anything done! All the rich people left for their vacations last Friday, while the rest of us shmucks are just here in the cold rain…

But I digress.

Anyway, I’m sorry for another late post.

A quick update: Major feels better. He recovered soon after I posted on Friday and it was like nothing happened. I am inclined to say that it wasn’t the stomach bug and was something else. Either way, he loved the fact that he got unlimited Pirate Booty (our new favorite thing), unlimited Peg + Cat, and unlimited Apple Juice (as long as he sipped it slowly). He also thought that my nervously hovering over him and the bucket was hilarious. “Why is this bucket here? What is it for? What will you do with it?”

So when the sun came up on Saturday, I got up and did some sewing and then I took my coffee outside to listen to the birdsong and be happy. I told myself that I wasn’t going to do anything on Saturday except get a little big darker and do a little bit of wine drinking. Mission accomplished! Especially the extra darker. Winter paleness? Totally gone! I’m not quite glowing, but I’m also not looking sickly anymore.

Hmm? Sewing? Welp:


290 units hand sewn, ya’ll! Ain’t it nice? Well, that turns into this:



20150418_170216I am very pleased with how the cut went and I haven’t had a chance to begin sewing the actual garment yet, but I think it is going to end up fairly nicely. When I first started with this pallet, I though that the teal and the gold would not be “baby enough” and wouldn’t look nice, but the large white spaces help soften that a little bit and brightens it up. So you get that pretty babyness without the super pastel nonsense that I’m not a big fan of. I hope it sells well at the school auction! We’ll find out in a few weeks!

Little boys found themselves outside a lot this weekend. They are rediscovering their love of motorcycles (read: big-wheels), deciding that they aren’t scared of bugs after all (“Mommy! We found a spider and [Minor] SMASHED it!!), and figuring out that they can hit each other with sticks.



Minor came up to Major and literally tapped his brother with this little rinky-dink twig. Next thing I know, Major goes running to the other side of the house (screaming, mind you), where he retrieved a fallen branch that was about as big as I am and proceeded to chase his brother around the yard with it. And, of course, that’s comical as all hell because it slowed him down measurably and it was utterly cumbersome and Minor could easily get away. I really shouldn’t have let him do it at all, but it really was too funny watching my four year-old try with all his might to chase his brother with a stick more than twice his size.

No little children got hurt. Mama got a good laugh. I feel like everybody wins, right?

Anyway, that’s not the coolest part of the weekend. The coolest part came yesterday when we decided to take the boys to a local Patriot’s Day celebration. There were men on horses and wearing tri-cornered hats and firing muskets and what not. The boys weren’t as excited about the actual history part (but I was!) but they enjoyed that everybody was dressed funny and that there were horses around. The best part came when the men actually got together to and fired their weapons:



Major covered his ears, but didn’t jump or flinch. He watched with full attention and thought it was interesting.

Minor, who was sitting on his father’s shoulders, didn’t cover his ears and he jumped a little. But he never freaked out. The men fired their guns 3 times to signal that the Regulars were coming. After each fire, Minor, in a very serious and awe-filled voice, said a simple, “whoa.”

And he wouldn’t stop talking about it today. “First, there was a big brown horse! And then there were some men and they were yelling and then there were these other men and they had these sticks and they went ‘boom!’ and then the sticks let out steam. And then I said, ‘whoa.'”

That’s how my child described it all over dinner tonight. Cool, huh? Early American history is a problematic thing, and Lord knows, the Revolution itself has some problematic stuff that I’m going to have to explain to the boys as they get older. But what I like about the local celebration of Patriot’s Day is that it really is about the regular local men and women who were just trying to do the right thing. All of the rest of the details, while important, an be quibbled over during another time. It was too rainy to do any of the stuff at the battle fields today, but as the boys get older, I’m sure we will see more.

It is going to be a crazy week, but hopefully a productive one. I completed my draft for Ploughshares tonight, so let the editing begin! Then there is the sewing, and there are, of course, two little bears who need to be entertained and enriched this week. Lord help us all. 🙂 Pray for me, dear reader!

See you Wednesday!



7 thoughts on “A Weekend in the Spring Air

    • Haha… Hey, man, I can lose some of my glow during the winter, too!! 🙂

      How are you doing out there? Stupid hot yet? It’s gonna be in the LOWER 50s this week. I’m like, COME ON!!!!! It’s not fair…

      • 97 drivin home last week. Still wouldn’t trade you for fifties and rain. No way. Another two months will be our “winter.” As it is, we have to close the windows to keep it cooler in the house. Hate being shut in.

        I hear Hawaii’s nice…

  1. Know what i think of when i see these dudes? Summer heat, wool uniforms, and lice. I’da surrendered just so the other side would shoot me and put me out of my misery! Gawd.

    • All of this is true. Very uncomfortable times. VERY! And it was worse in the south! Average life expectancy in the south during colonial times was around 30 years. Swamps, bugs, heat, disease… not to mention all of that labor nobody wants to talk about… Crazy, huh?? My students were always like, “what? How did anybody ever get anything done!?” Oh children…

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