Photo: Motorcycles and mud. Little Boys are so easy to please. That sun feels so good on the skin, I can’t even tell you. 🙂


Lord am I discombobulated this morning!

First of all, it was a late night last night. I think I will write about that on Friday. The Husband and I didn’t get to bed until 11 (“That’s late?” you’re asking. Hells yeah it is. Hella late. I’m a zombie after 9:30).

So how do the Parenting Gods (and the Writing Gods because I was up at 5:30 when I told myself I’d be up at 5) punish us?

6:40 am. Nursery door opens. Two little bears. Up. Before coffee.

Ohhhhh the humanity!

“Mommy, I have to go potty!”

“Mommy, what you making?”

“Mommy, I don’t like sleeping.”

“Mommy, we’re all done napping.”

“Mommy, where’s daddy?”

“Mommy, I still need to go to the bathroom.”

Oh. My. God. OH MY GOD!!!

Did I mention that this happened before coffee!?

Ok ok ok…

Eldest on the potty.

Youngest for a diaper change. “I don’t want a diaper change.” There may have been kicking.

Eldest doesn’t ever potty.

Daddy is grumpy because it’s morning and he’s grumpy in the morning.

Youngest, having finished his diaper change, goes downstairs where he is surprised to learn that there are no lights on, no television on. He’s quite upset. Much whining and crying at the bottom of the stairs.

Eldest is whining about the type of underroos I chose for him. “But they don’t have the race car!”


There has still been no coffee, dear reader.


Little boys were downstairs and eating breakfast before the Today show started.

Little boys aren’t supposed to be downstairs for breakfast on school mornings until 7:30.

And, mind you, little boys still aren’t napping! This is probably the cruelest April Fools that ever there was.

How do my mornings usually go, you ask?

Oh, such wonderful times. Up for writing at 5 (or 5:30 of late), write until 6:30, coffee maker goes off and I glide downstairs for coffee, headlines, a little bit of needle art. Ahhhhh… such a great way to start the morning. I can usually get the first 15 minutes of the Today Show uninterrupted before little bears start bringing the noise to the day.

Are my fantastic mornings going buh-bye!?!?!?!?

Calm down… deep breaths…

Ok, so… what I was really going to blog about today was this:





The snow in the yard is receding! The muddy times have begun! We still need coats and I can’t sit, but we’re out in the yard again, taking in that fresh-squeezed vitamin D! Little boys got their “motorcycles” out of the snow and proceeded to ride into every single puddle they could find. This, I’m sure, it not good for the grass. I’m… absolutely sure that this isn’t good for the grass.

And I don’t care.


And, actually, little boys were happy to be there. I fed them lunch first so that there would be no complaints. They got out and, upon realizing that I didn’t care if they got dirty, proceeded to have a whole love of fun. Just the best. 🙂 Hopefully the snow will be completely gone soon and the yard will dry and we can really have some fun. It would be crazy convenient if that could happen before Easter because I’m committed to breaking out my grill.

That’s right. It’s time. It’s grilling time. For Easter. This is happening.

Speaking of cooking:

I had my first successful “Meatless Monday” on Monday, ya’ll!

I got a recipe for Veggie and Tofu Pad Thai, which just popped into my inbox via Martha Stewart Every Day Food. Now yes, this is Martha Stewart, so it’s not super authentic. But it is easy and it is delicious! The boys ate it and even The Husband liked it (he is usually resistant to tofu). This was my first time working with tofu at home (I’ll eat it if prepared for me) and my first time working with rice noodles. It cam together so fast, it was almost under the 30 minutes promised. I’m telling you, fantastic. This is going to be a “go to” again and again!



Do it. Dooooo it! So delicious!

Ok. I have to go and get it together. Recover some of my dignity after what has been an insane morning. Will there be Quiet Thoughts on Friday? Maybe… if the boys get back on their sleep schedule. If they don’t… I don’t know what’s going to happen!

(There will be a lot of screaming)

(maybe a post in all caps)

(I wouldn’t really do that)

(…. but then again, this is crazy…)

See you Friday!


One thought on “Oh, Mama Was The April Fool

  1. I absolutely undeniably love reading your posts!! So refreshing,maybe its the no frills this is it kinda presentation,I don’t know,or how you manage to let us see your face right here,doesn’t matter really but I enjoy them!!
    Keep writing 🙂

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