Photo: Ursa Minor is only ever my sous chef when I’m making something he really likes. Like roti or tortillas, or pancakes… anything bread related. On Monday, it was roti. Today it will be tortillas. Lordy. Everybody is happy as long as I’m making some sort of bread…


Can  we talk about how I’m wearing a short-sleeved shirt and how I was walkin’ around this morning with my coat open like it’s warm or something outside? Can we talk about how I’m totally not the only one! Everyone was like, “Oh my God! It’s so warm out today! It’s wonderful!

The high is going to be 44 today.



Ok. Not quite beach weather.

But surely I have been thinking about it! My spring fever is so high that I was on Amazon yesterday pricing picnic baskets and beach umbrellas! “We’re going to need a lunch solution for when we’re away from the house over the summer. No more leaving the park to come home for lunch. I’m going to pack sandwiches and juice boxes and we’re just going to stay out!” I told myself.

Uh huh. Crazy. I know I am!

And my husband and I are pricing summer camps and other stuff because all of the flyers are starting to come in. “Hurry! Spots fill quickly!” They scream with bold lettering. “Oh yes, I remember calling during the second day of registration and the camp we wanted was already full,” One mother confirmed at school drop-off this morning. “And, you know, this camp is only open to residents of this town!” Another one gasped.

Oh dear.

And I’ve been flipping through our little town recreation catalog just salivating. I am not trying to put on Camp Mama again this summer. Little boys need to hang out with other adults for a least a little while! I know that they can’t be in all summer long, but even one week of morning camp would do a lot for my sanity in July or August when summer feels endless and the first day of school is forever away. The Husband and I were thumbing through the wondrous possibilities: Traditional day camp? Morning swim lessons? Nature hiking? Karate? Kung-Fu? French lessons? Gymnastics?

Problem the first: Ain’t nothin’ in Metrowest a cheap thing to do.

Problem the second: Most things are for kids 4 and up.

Problem the third: Many more things require kids be potty trained.

Major? Check and check.

Minor? Nope and Nope.

Husband: “Well, you know, you can just take Major and keep–”

Lemme just stop you right there. Don’t even start up with that nonsense. There is no way. What do you mean I have to go through the motions of dropping off one baby but then I have to keep the other one? And what am I supposed to do to entertain the youngest while the eldest is doing his thing? Furthermore, you understand that the youngest pitches a fit when he isn’t included, right?

“I guess that’s true…”

Uh huh. Husbands just don’t understand.

Now he’s stalling while we consider the options we’re eligible for. “Well, we can’t sign up for anything until I re-work the budget.”

Alright, bro. You get on that. I don’t care if we have to eat ham sandwiches for lunch and dinner for 6 months to make this work. Little boys are doing something this summer!

In the meantime, there is still school left to be had, and weekends too! And you know what is coming up soon? The auction. Long-time readers know what that means: need to get started on a project soon. I have one in mind, though I don’t know if I’m going to be able to pull it off (seeing as everything has been in slow motion lately). Stay tuned. I have to have a design concept, at least, by the end of the month or else it’s all going to go to hell…

Major has been invited to no less than 3 birthday parties this month. And 3 playdates. We’ve received 4 invitations to various galas, fundraisers and “special events” and that’s just for March and April. The Husband and I were looking at each other last night like, “when did we get so popular?”

“And why do people think we have money to spend??”

It’s nice to be included, and I’m not really complaining, but it is a bit comical. We’re… not rich. We have… no “play” money. One of the auctions we’re invited to requires $200 just to get in the door! Good gawd!

And with the birthday party thing, as happy as I am that that Major is being included… I am being judicious about which ones he goes to. Two of them are for kids he never plays with or even mentions outside of school. So we respectfully declined. The other, a cool super-hero themed party, I think will be fun and is for a kid who we’re always playing with (I like his mom a lot, too!). 

Spring and Summer means go-go-go. and you know what? That’s a good thing. We’ve been so cooped up. I can’t wait to get out and go play. All day. And break out my grill. And now that the first floor is painted and presentable, I’m really hoping that we can have more people over here this summer! Wouldn’t that be marvelous?  I don’t even know how blog posts are going to happen. Computer is INSIDE and I will be OUTSIDE! I’m just going to write fail posts all the time! 🙂

I’m kidding. I wouldn’t really do that.

But all of this is a pipe dream. It’s only March 4th. It’s going to be 26 degrees on Friday. Winter still happens in March! But it’s nice to dream. So nice. 🙂

What do you think, dear reader? Swimming lessons, gymnastics or something music related for the boys this summer? The Husband is leaning toward swimming, but I’m leaning toward gymnastics. Minor has figured out how to somersault and he really ought to have something softer than a hardwood floor to do that on. Gynmastics are also 3 hours long! Swimming? 30 minutes!

yeah, yeah… life-saving life skills should be prioritized over sanity…. I know….

But for the price of 4 days of 30-minute swim lessons, the boys could go to gymnastics for 3 hours for 5 days!!! That’s huge!!!

Life-saving life skills are priceless, you say?


See you Friday for Quiet (dreaming dreams of vernal glory) Thoughts


6 thoughts on “That Suburban Dance Card

  1. Its hilarious how if it reaches 44 in the winter New Englanders do a happy dance and in July we are in tears of rage how cold 44 degrees is! It is 46 degrees in PVD right now PLUS a good fro day…can’t tell me nothin!!

    My vote is swimming lessons! Thats what I will be doing with bonus grandchild!

    • It WAS a good hair day, wasn’t it!? My locs are so angry with me. I’ve been plastering them with shea butter and they are still screaming for moisture. Got out today and the scalp and hair were like, “oh, hey, we can work with this right here!” Still gonna plaster them with shea and jojoba today. Because it ain’t over, ya know!?

      But… but… but…. gymnastics! 3 hours long! So much glorious time!!!! Do you know how much writing I can get done with 3 hours baby-free!?!?!

      • My mom got locs two years ago and LOVES them! Ive been sporting two goddess braids but this morning when i heard the rain i set them Free!! Yes, we never get enough moisture #blackgirlproblems lol ok i agree gymnastics is the better deal writeon!

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