After two hours with the snow blower…


The Husband was able to clear enough of a path for me to be able to take some pictures outside!

As of 5pm today, I think we are sitting at about 2 1/2 feet. Will see what the official numbers are in the morning. These pictures were taken at noon. The internet was a little wonky today (because errybody was on it!) so it has taken me a while to get these uploaded.


I really hope the flower boxes can hold that weight? Can you see the playset that the boys so love to climb? Almost completely covered!




I haven’t seen the fox come out from the side of the barn. I guess he has wisely decided to stay in…




I love this picture because the snow drift makes the car look hilarious.






If you are standing at the foot of the front steps of my house, this was the view at noon. At least another 6 inches or so have fallen since then…


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