Truth tellin’ must be shared and I am happy to pass these thoughts along. I am preparing for another day of having my heart broken by the “justice” system.

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The Grand Jury verdict will be announced today. Almost all of the reporting in the media keeps reiterating the message that a failure to indict will likely result in “violence.” Keeps claiming that “violence” is what everyone is bracing for and hoping against.

Let us remember that this is not a neutral description. And let’s repeatedly ask: whose violence?

First, we aren’t waiting for violence, we are already in violence. Violence is the environment we are swimming in. And protestors in Ferguson certainly did not create it.

Second, whatever happens after the verdict is announced (if we assume it’s a non-indictment as most seem to expect) the violence we are “waiting for” or “hoping to avoid” or “bracing against” is the violence of police in riot gear, with an arsenal of weapons and tear gas.

Righteous, constitutionally protected protests in the “first round” (that never really ended) were largely organized, disciplined, and unified. The…

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