Why My Boys Don’t Need to See Me Naked

Oh my God, this. Mama bloggy friends, read this.

Blooms and Bubbles

Did you see this floating around the interspaces?

Rita Templeton and her adorable brood. Rita Templeton and her adorable brood.

Did you marvel at the loveliness of this honest, conscientious, nice lady who wants her four little boys to be accustomed to a “real” body before they are inundated with perky cantaloupe boobs and thigh gaps? Did you applaud her and share her article and feel a tinge of guilt that you aren’t quite broadminded enough to use your own baby-ravaged body as an edifying tool?

Not me. I recoiled faster than my deflating pocket hose.

The message to her bathroom-barging boys is a good one, but the language saddened me. Look at her in the photo, surrounded by adorably healthy children she clearly adores and enjoys. This woman–this goddess who birthed four times and still has the energy to pen ten paragraphs about raising them to appreciate women kindly–she can only describe her own body…

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2 thoughts on “Why My Boys Don’t Need to See Me Naked

  1. Right there with you! Honestly, I think a better lesson for young kids (boys AND girls) is to show them that you’re confident in your body, that you’re proud of what it has (and will) accomplish, and that beauty standards mean nothing when you can look at yourself, flaws and all, and announce that you are beautiful and happy in your own skin. 🙂

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