Sometimes, you just lose a day…

Well, well, it’s Monday. So I should have a really nice post for you.

But I’m suffering from the worst headache that I’ve had in years–and the boys decided that today would be the day that they would test all of the boundaries. all of them!

So i’m lucky to get this pretty basic SOS out as it is.

I shall write a better post on Wednesday. I have so much to tell you about my quest for a diversity curriculum/community for preschools. I’m excited to share what I’ve tapped in to.

But my head is just throbbing. Usually I’m a push-through-the-pain kind of person, but I can’t afford to make myself worse and suffer for multiple days. So I am going to surrender and pray my husband gets home on time to rescue me.

I hope that you are having a better day than I am. I’ll see you on Wednesday.


5 thoughts on “Sometimes, you just lose a day…

  1. Sorry man, headaches can be soul-crushers. So nice of you to “call in sick” 😉 Hope it worked out well.

    And ya know…kids learn boundaries really well when duct taped to a chair…just sayin’.

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